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Saturday, April 4, 2009

*ehem ehem*

Here's what I told you about. You know who you are.

A blog  for you and a masterpiece, you might call it. I just might say I did pretty well on this pretty simple kind of art. :P It's a recreation of OUR reality.

*sigh* Oh well.

I drew it to help you through the whole summer without me. HA! WHATEVER. :)
I got bored eh. Kaya yun. After you said goodnight while you were watching a movie, I took out my colored pens and the 1/4 cartolina I found on top of the drawer. Then yun.. TADAAAA!

Here you go. A simple present.
If you want the original drawing, go beg me for it. It's kinda safe here with me, unless babylove finds it and tears it to pieces. :P

P.S. 2months and 4days to go! Whew! Time flies so fast. :)) See you soon :P