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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Eye for an eye

To end 2013, I actually got myself a new pair of eyes! My eye grades for both eyes are different from each other but the grade is not very high so it's not that serious. Anyway, an added bonus is that it gives me a new look for 2014! Nerdy, smart girl look? Pwede! Very non-evasive way to look different since I think I'm not cutting my hair till graduation (maybe). :-)

Other than having a literal new pair of EYES(glasses), most importantly, I pray that God will give me renewed spiritual eyes that will see the world in a way that will glorify God. I pray that I can always see the good in people... because somehow, somewhere, there's always something great in them that maybe no one ever took the time to notice. I also pray that I can see the need of those people around me, especially those who need the Savior. How blessed would that be! Here's to seeing in 2014!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Year-enders: Imba girls

On the 26th, the imba girls (the name we "call" our highschool barkada) had our lunch reunion! It wasn't like last year where we had a sleepover. The time we had this year was so short and limited, but nonetheless enough to suffice catching up with each other's lives. We had lunch at TGI Fridays (last minute plan!) and good thing that we were all complete. Second time pa namin to na kumpleto kaming lahat ever since highschool.
All of us
Our side of the table
Their side of the table
Of course we had our traditional exchanging gifts which we started as a Valentine gift exchange but later on evolved to being a barkada Christmas tradition to make it more intimate and mainly because all of us were mostly back home for the holidays.

Barkada Selfie! (Aking face ang pinakamalaki dyan kasi ako naghawak sa camera)
please forgive my thumb here... weird ang form! pero dito lang din O.o
Conversations where mostly about our plans after college. 4/6 are graduating this March! We're definitely growing older, and hopefully wiser! It's so crazy how time flies so fast... I remember when we were just all highschool girls struggling through the typical teenage drama. Pathetic, but always and forever part of growing up. I love how we grew independently and in so much different ways. The good thing is that we haven't outgrown each other and still find the time and effort to be with each other's company. 

We plan to see each other again on the 30th... hope it pushes through! xoxo <3

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas is just around the corner...

“When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things - not the great occasions - give off the greatest glow of happiness.” 
                                                                 ― Bob Hope

Hi! I'm writing this blog from my very peaceful hometown, Davao City. Going home during the Christmas season feels so different compared to going home on ordinary months... there's just that feeling in the air. A feeling of pure love and joy and excitement to be able to spend time with people who matter the most. I am going to try my best to archive what I've been doing here in Davao the next few days. I can't wait!

Christmas has always been a special time for our family. Not because Jesus was born specifically on December 25, but it's a special time for the family to bond and be thankful of God's greatest gift to mankind -- salvation through Jesus Christ His Son. We spend Christmas with the Curato side, and it has been that way ever since I can remember. What we usually do on that day is that we eat a festive dinner which is called noche buena in Spain, Latin America, and the Philippines. Then, we have a devotional about the Christmas story, then we share God's blessings in our lives throughout the year. It's an emotional moment, I tell you. Last year, I was trying hard to hold back tears in my eyes because my heart was really happy! Tapos, we open the presents! Hehe we don't usually wait for exact midnight to do all this because the kids (p.s. including myself) start to be restless. I think this is one of everybody's favorite part, don't you think?

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What do you know?

Hi! I just got home from one of the most fun nights in my college life!

USC Psychology Society in partnership with JPMAP had their Trivia Night awhile ago. It was indeed a time of fun and energy! I think I might have lost my voice from shouting and cheering for our group, La Shunga. My groupmates were Ana, Marlon, Bing, Jaika and Jessa. 'Twas a fun experience because we really did not feel any competition -- the night was just meant for pure fun. Maraming times na parang di na ako makahinga sa sobrang tawa!

This was the view from our side of the room. (or... just in my perspective.)

Left view....
 Right view...
 Front view...

Let the games begin.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

To love at all.

Love isn't perfect. It isn't a fairytale or a scrapbook and it doesn't come easy.
Love is overcoming obstacles, facing challenges, fighting to be together,
holding on and never letting go. It is a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define, and 
impossible to live without. Love is work, but most of all, love is realizing 
that every hour, every minute, every second of it was worth it because you did it together.

Love and life -- they both go together. Love makes life more meaningful, life makes it existentially possible for love to happen. Both are two beautiful things. With that, I will write about my lover, and my bestfriend.

Jon Mark and I initially knew each other back when I was in elementary and he was in high school. We have a three-year gap, just so you know. We weren't really friends, just a mere acquaintance. Of course we had different worlds back then, but I always admired him every time he sang in our church or during school activities. He was my little secret crush. I remember casually bringing him up during family conversations when I was much, much younger. Crush-crush lang, nothing serious back then. Years passed -- I went back to Davao because we had to transfer back-and-forth from Cebu every now and then so naturally, thoughts about my little crush faded away.

He was always known to his friends and my old schoolmates as playboy/chickboy/just someone who really didn't commit to anything or anyone. I vividly remember the day he called me one day when I was just a highschool senior. I didn't know who was calling... I asked, and he said that it was "Jon Mark". I knew it was him! Well duh, primarily because I was also in a relationship back then, I didn't give any care about his out-of-the-blue phone call.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Surprises in Cafe Caw

Hello, I've been really busy lately with internship, thesis, and school. It was such a breath of fresh air when Ken and I planned a date in another cute coffee shop called Cafe Caw! Actually this is the second branch located in Lahug... the first one was also cute, but was more quaint compared to this new one. 

Here's pics of one time my Mak and I hung out in the Cafe Caw Talamban branch:

Similar with the first branch, Cafe Caw Lahug had the same pastel, cute, Asian coffee shop theme. However, the new one boasts a bigger space and a wider menu range. Ken and I ordered something called 'waffle surprise' basically because it sounded delicious and because usually waffle servings can easily cater two. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm

Here I am, blogging in the wee hours of the morning of the day when the tropical storm "Haiyan" is expected to enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility -- after which it will be called locally as the typhoon "Yolanda". According to reports, it is expected to strengthen in 48 hours, and most likely develop to be a SUPERTYPHOON. Its winds have a peak intensity of 241 kph! God forbid something very bad can happen. :(
Photo credit to PAGASA

It's true that people everywhere are panic-buying. I went to the grocery yesterday to buy some goods and supplies we need in the apartment for the storm. I went there at around 2 pm. Usually, there aren't that many people in the grocery (in Talamban) during that hour of day. I guess today was an exception. There were very long lines! So, I have no right to judge and laugh about people who panic-buy, cause I did the same myself. As what I always say, better to be safe than sorry!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Photo credit to Startup Quote!
Started out with this quote from the internet because this message is exactly what I want to tell you. My life as a graduating student has been very crazy and hectic. Deadlines here, projects due there, thesis everywhere, and to top if off -- an internship to complete the package! At first I thought that being an intern was something very restricting to a person and that you were basically just doing routines. But, I learned from EXPERIENCE that it's not like that. My internship in the guidance center (again) has brought about a big change in my life that I couldn't ever forget! There's so much to learn outside of the four walls of the classroom, so many opportunities lurking around! Being an intern is so fun because in the process of career discovery, you are also embarking in a journey of self-discovery. From my experience, I realized a lot of things about myself that I didn't know about before as well as do things that I was too scared to even think about! This was from my last internship experience.

This time around, things were harder from the start. The application process is much more complicated and strict compared in a school guidance setup. I applied in more or less 12 companies that had active Human Resource departments. Flashback: I had only one company in mind that I wanted to intern in ever since I was a freshman in college. I remember daydreams after daydreams, imagining myself to be one of the chosen interns for that company. But God had another plan for me, and that was not where I wanted it initially to be. He gave me a wake-up call -- I may think that I know what's best for me, but in reality, isn't. Insert *move on, move on pag may time* It was a long agonizing wait before I actually got a call! I was interviewed in 3 out of 12 companies... but only got an offer in 2. I accepted the one I listed before as my third "best" option. It was a very relieving experience to be able to hear that you got accepted for the position. I know God has something in store for me here! So excited to be interacting with new people, have a new environment, and get a glimpse of a career as an HR personnel. :-)

My ootd during the interview hehe

Basically, all I'm trying to say is... embrace being an intern. It changes your life as you change with it, but only if you allow it to. Always grab opportunities as they pass you by... it will not come back the same way again.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Eat Out: Sprockets and Cafe Maru

Good morning to anyone whoever stumbles on this blog post! It's now 12:04 in the morning, and I'm forcing myself to type with my left hand. The consequences await me when I wake up, for sure! Anyway, I have been enjoying my semestral break so far, considering this is my last one in college. It's been a mixture of chilling at home, cleaning (here and there), and bonding with people that I usually don't get to hang out with during schooldays! Last week, Ken came to visit Cebu for a short detour before heading home to Davao. We went window shopping first, then headed home to leave her things, then went ahead to Sprockets (TC branch) to have some sort of snacks and dessert.

P.S. We had an early dinner at 3 pm teehee!

It was Ken's first time here, *gasp* as well as myself! So it was a new experience for both of us. We just wanted to hang out somewhere nice for added environment factors to our conversations :> It was such a chill place to stay because they had bean bags where you can just throw yourself into and no one would even bother! Here's a look at their place:
Photo thanks to Ken's ipad hehe

Friday, November 1, 2013

Life updates (Sembreak 2013)

The last post I had was about the beginning of my LAST (hopefully) semester in college. Time flies so fast! It took me 5 months to finally write again, due to hectic schedules and deadlines! This post is basically a short perspective of my life for the last few months. :)

As far as you know, we don't live in a boarding house outside school anymore! We already transferred to a 15 sqm studio apartment in Kalubihan, Talamban which is just near the Gaisano mall. It's not walking distance from school, but at least it only takes one ride going there (and only 5 mins!). It's also more accessible from downtown cause the jeepney routes going here can be easily found in Colon or Ayala. Such a far cry from the three rides I have to endure to coming home to Talisay! Nic's Ken has been living with us also, and she just chips in with the monthly dues. Living in the apartment means that we need to be really independent. We have to be able to juggle our schedule between cooking, cleaning, and just living peaceably with each other. Hehe! (A million thanks also to my parents who happily provided for our refrigerator, stove, and other appliances)

Inside the studio (Newly transferred, without beds and appliances yet)

Late Post: The Beginning of the End

It's that time of the year again where the mall seems too overcrowded, cashier lines are too long and almost everybody seems too frantic to get things done and grab all they need right away. No, it's not Christmas... it's the beginning of another school year!

I'm one of those people who gets too giddy to buy school supplies -- whether it's just a notebook, or a pad of post-its, I'm all in! There was even a point in my life that I got too addicted to hoarding school stuff that whenever I go to the mall (especially National Bookstore), I don't end up going home with nothing in my hand. My bag was full of markers, pens (that I really didn't need), memo pads, post-its, that it was really hard to find something that fell inside my bag. It's really a jungle! I also remember a time in highschool where I asked my classmates to give me Mongol #2 pencils as birthday gifts for my 16th birthday. I WAS THAT CRAZY. It was really an obsession... my hands twitched and I had mini-"anxiety attacks" whenever I didn't get to buy anything. Good thing that my boyfriend forced me to stop all the craziness cause I spent more money than I should, and more importantly, I wasted a lot of time inside the store just to find the perfect school supply ( I usually stay inside the store for about an hour or more). Zzzz.

Maybe that part of my life was over, but there's no denial that I still do get excited to buy stuff for school. It makes me feel ready to face the challenges lined up for me for the semester! (CHOSSIN RIGHT HERE) Things just got more exciting cause I'm officially a fourth year student! There are just some things that make me anxious like thesis and internship, and maybe landing in a class with our department's most-feared of teachers!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Mania

We have finally reached the last week of the school for the year. It's the last, but it's the most stressful! I don't really mind THAT much though cause deadlines and stress sometimes gives students that needed push to get things done. At the moment, I feel the pressure, but since I'm a pro at procrastinating... I usually put things off and do other unnecessary stuff like watching my favorite series or just going through the internet. *face palm*

Finals week is hectic as expected, and I have two more exams and a paper for counseling left. Such a bummer cause I wish we'd have a test nalang instead of making an integrative therapy for counseling. Not that it's useless, but I really don't like the thought of making one. I've already started though, but ignored continuing it for the past few days. Here I am wishing this week will already end... I'm too tired of studying but there's the dreaded anxiety for my final grades. Hope I get to the list again. Hopefully.

Anyway, right now I'm chilling with Jon Mark at Cafe Maru (a korean cafe near school) and just spending time away from all the stressors in my academic life. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT. Before I forget, our group got an award for our psychometrics paper! It's kinda unexpected because our research didn't turn out as we expected it to be, but glad things happen for a reason -- and good thing it's for the better! Here's a photo of our test kit:

Test Kit consisting of test manuscript, test manual, questionnaires
and answer sheets

I'll post our "certificate of recognition" later. I'm so happy and thankful for my two diligent, reliable and smart groupmates! ... and thank God! What a blessing! I'm a happy bee :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Saw this post in Facebook, and I would like to share it with you guys cause it's so beautiful.

‎"If you love someone, ask him for nothing. Don’t hold him from his destiny. Don’t keep him from going off in search of his own answers. Don’t ask him for commitment. You will know commitment is real when it is something given willingly, and not as something obligatory. Don’t ask him for promises. If you are patient, if you have faith, you will know in your heart when the right time for promises has come. And when that time arrives, then you will see that you have both lost nothing by setting each other free, and have instead gained a richer, fuller life, a wealth of experiences, and a stronger certainty of your desires.

But should he not return to you, then life hasn’t cheated you because no promises were broken. Your bitterness will not last long, and you will feel thankful and blessed that at the very least, this beautiful soul has colored your life, that knowing him has already made life infinitely more meaningful.

By setting a person free, you run a risk of him not returning. But always remember that you found him beautiful precisely because he was free. People are like sunlight. You can feel their warmth, and their glow, but you can’t hold them in your hand and keep them with you forever. People choose to stay. But a choice is made more meaningful when it is made despite so many other options."

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Everything has changed

I was on a strict no-spending-on-stuff rule on myself for the past few weeks, 
but I just can't help buying this today:
A little too late, noh? I hope this helps with my MEMORY and productivity, cause I've been such a procrastinator this semester, and it has gotten worse! 

*song playing at the moment: "Everything Has Changed - Tswift & Ed Sheeran"*

Talking about things changing, I stumbled on a document in my computer entitled "multi memoirs"-- totally forgot that I saved my blog posts from my multiply here for preservation! (my multiply site: Here's something controversial and weird from October 28, 2009 which I posted  sort of privately (only 3 people can read it) which I'm gonna share today cause I think it's not that of a big deal anymore considering it was from 3 years ago. 

It's funny cause the title for the said blog post was "I'm a bitch. A selfish, uncaring, PRETENTIOUS bitch. Part 1". Wow lang, ha. Grabe ang hate sa sarili! (I think this idea of mine hasn't disappeared completely at the moment, but only to some little degree nalang, di naman ganitong level of self-hatred!) This was written when my relationship with my boyfriend in highschool was getting bumpy and I blamed everything on me. Of course I was too mad at myself because I thought I was the reason for the relationship to start crumbling... thus the post. I'm not gonna post everything... JUST BECAUSE
"It's been months since I've last clicked on post and then blog. It's been a long time. The once sweet posts I had about me and you know who have changed too. Just like me. I don't know. I'm pointless. I can't do it. So maybe ugh.. you can't catch up. It's like I'm hiding between a mask. I admit, I dont know who I've been lately. Maybe it's because of my parents leaving me and nic behind. It's like without them, there's no one reminding me of this and that. It may be nerve-wracking when you hear this from your parents, but I admit. I miss it. I miss the guidance. I miss family devotions. They were right though. I can't go live a life by myself. Not yet. Not until I'm strong in the faith. Not until I can learn to stand for what I believe in. For short, I'm immature.
I'm a bitch. I've been acting like one lately. Going home late, disobeying my parents, even fighting people for things they didnt do to me. ganun man ako dati ba.. pero parang nagworsen. First time ko tong i-admit sa  buhay ko, so yung mga tao lang na close sa akin ang makabasa nito. This is what I think of myself right now.
I'm dependent. Ken knows this. My mom knows this. I've been deluded to an idea that I need someone for me to be happy. I need someone to make me feel confident.Then kapag mawala ang taong yun, para akong magaga. Iyak dito, iyak doon. Ewan. Alam ko man din ba na parang di talaga sila para sakin.. pero ginapilit ko parin sarili ko. Alam ko na di sila tama para sakin. Siniseryoso ko talaga.. yun pala di pala seryoso para sa kanila. I've recently read a book lately entitled just friends. It's a christian book by the way, and my. it was a blessing. Dun ko narealize na emotionally-dependent pala talaga ako. And people like me are still arent ready for a relationship. Bang.
Sa tingin niyo may ginawa ako? Wala. Freaking wala. GAGA. Gaga talaga. Di ko kaya. Di talaga. Sobrang attached na ako..... Ewan.
I'm not as innocent as people think I am. Sa tingin nila I'm all so goody-goody, ganyan. Di talaga. Kung alam lang nila kung ano ginawa ko sa buhay ko. Kung anong mga pinanggagawa kong stupid. I've wasted my life. I've wasted my first kiss. I didn't save it for the right person. Yun. I;ve put my heart into something na wala pala talaga. I've entrusted my heart to people who I thought feel the same way too. Pero di pala. Hindi pala talaga. Marami na akong gnawa na di niyo ma-imagine na kaya kong gawin.. Things na siguro wala niyo pa natry. I'm wasted. Used. Crumpled, like the comparison I had with my life during C.E time. God, help.
People have this impression na tahimik ako. Na like kung awayin nila ako, di ako magfight back. They have this idea na sunud-sunuran lang ako parati, na wala akong ability na magalit, na magfight back. Mali na naman yan.
Chaka. Parang pretend lang man pala tong buhay na to uy. What have I been?!"
Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe IMMATURITY!!!!
What do you think... Have I changed?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Highlights of January '13

Here's one of my alkansyas for the whole year (this one is specifically for the leftover coins I have during the weekend). I have five of them, actually... cause dreams has its price!
January for Cebu is obviously party month cause of Sinulog! Here's a peek of the traffic the event is causing :) I didn't go out and party and laag... but I was on my way to TC when this happened. (this was a week or a few days before the Sinulog day)

January 2013 for me is also cram time for congress! First off, we did the lanyards. I hand-sewed the first batch, but it takes so long for it to get done. Was forced to learn using the sewing machine... now I'm a pro! (kidding) well yeah I did improve. A bit. Hihi... and in three days, I finished 40! Machines really make things fastaaaahhhh

January 24, 2013 was the day I chopped off my looooooong hair! I heeded the advice of certain people I was with during December (Em and H) to get a new look cause I have had the same hairstyle ever since highschool! (not counting the one I had after prom). I woke up that day sure and ready!! I told the hairdresser to cut more hair cause it wasn't that short but she insisted to not cut anymore hair cause I won't be left with any. Huhuhu anyway that's how it turned out. That pic was taken 3 days after the said haircut!

Finally finally finally got what I've been craving for weeks! Mi paborito Caramel Banana Walnut Pancakes! It tasted so good and fluffy and so banana! I enjoyed eating it so much and much more cause I was with jon mark (who paid for it) :)) It rained that day which made my bagtaks hurt because of the cold and the walking. ALL IS WELL!

Last, but not the least... It was one of those days where I got what I wanted-- a morning schedule for our class activity on Saturday (Feb 2)! If you didnt know, I hate having classes or anything during Saturday afternoons cause that's the time I get to hang out with Jon Mark and have meetings in church. Soooooooo.... I was so happy I got this! We drew lots, so destiny was on my side! Definitely was a great month, hopefully will be a good morning on Saturday,

and a good year ahead!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

No pain, no gain

"There is no pain greater than this; not the cut of a jagged-edged dagger nor the fire of a dragon's breath. Nothing burns in your heart like the emptiness of losing something, someone, before you truly have learned of its value."
-Robert Salvatore

Amazing quote I stumbled on today. It has so much meaning!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas 2012

Ahhh, Christmas back home. It has been 5 years since. Our flight was in the morning of December 24, and the ride going to Davao was a little bit bumpy cause there were a lot of turbulence (i think). On landing, my mom, Nic2 and my cousin were feeling so bad because they felt nauseous! So much negative energy around me, shoo away! Anyway, we stopped by our house in emily, and from the looks of it, matagal tagal na rin since I've last seen it! 3 years, baby! It looks as if no one really took care of it, and it's really worn down. Haaay, so much memories there.

We headed to my lolo's house for lunch with the whole family! Everyone was there which made it cozier for the heart (teehee). Sitting at the table, I realized that I'm a bit too old to hang out with the kiddos... or maybe I'm not, it's just that they've grown up as well. :( The three musketeers a.k.a Mico, Patrick, and Kyla have entered the world of adolescence and there's that all too familiar behavior of a teen in confusion. Dale, on the other hand, is showing his happy and social self again, which is nice. He showed us a picture of his girlfriend too! :)) Of course, what would be a great family gathering if the babies weren't there? Ethan was just his jolly, cute and little self--- I can't get enough of him! If only I can be with him forever and he wouldn't grow up. (Separation anxiety and fixation right here) Justin has his own 2-year old world, complete with tantrums here and there, and the occasional laugh he gives that makes us laugh too. Joshua and Justin finally finally are in "good terms" with each other, since before they usually fight over things. I love my cousins so much! Anyway, here's a sneak peek of our little lunch get-together:

Lolo cooked crabs and pochero (his apos' favorite) Happy tummy!

Nothing beats food cooked by lolo :)

Wait... here's a pseudo-family pic during Kyla's birthday :>
Christmas tree at my lolo's house! Look at all the gifts! They're mostly Justin and Ethan's, and Josh's so MEHHH HAHAHAHAHAHA

This is our little noche buena: spaghetti, shrimp, and bulalo! :))

After dinner, we had a family devotional led by our tito Iman. There, we talked about the blessings and trials the family has encountered during the year 2012, and how much we are thankful for God's grace. Although some parts were awkward cause I don't usually hear my other titos open up like that, but it was heart-warming and now I get a bigger perspective on how God touches our lives, especially in our family. There were tears shed too, but all is well in the family. :)

Here's my tito reading the Christmas story again in Luke 2

On December 27, my barkada met up. After three years, we're complete! (FYI: We haven't been complete since highschool graduation)! Sabot was 1 pm at our favorite studio but people arrived at around 3pm! Crazyyyy! As always, Jemma is the early bird cause she had her solo pictures taken, which she says she does every after 2 years. Janine was still fresh from Kidapawan when she arrived and Joy was just in Chimes looking around (that's why she was late zzzz). Photo sessions with the gang contain the same fun and laughter we had in highschool. Still crazy!

Some of our pictures:

 A candid photo of us laughing (I love this so much, looks so chika!):
With everything wrapped up in the studio, we went to Victoria Plaza (it continues to exist) and decided to shop for groceries and ingredients for the crazy sleepover we plan to have. Ingredients on our list: spaghetti sauce, ground pork, sago, condensed milk, evap, among others. We waited for Janine cause she went home to pack her stuff up :)))) After the mall, we decided to go straight to Joy's house to cook dindin. As usual, our head honchos in the kitchen is Joy and Jemma, the two powerful best buddies! They made me taste-tester which I suck at cause I eat anything they feed me! I can't differentiate much on taste.... *self pity* Food was greaaaaaaaaaat! Conversations over the table were all mixed up, you had to turn your head from one side to the other to listen to everything that's been going on! Talk about crazy!! Even if we study at different places, it all goes back to highschool, its people, and its drama (not much on the drama, but news of people!)
Adobo by Joy and Jemma

We then headed to Ken's crib to have our "party" and "exchanging gift". 
Here's a picture of us with our gifts from our manitas :D

  Notice the headbands? Christmas gift ko yan to errbody! 
In the midst of our conversation circle is Cheezy, bars of chocolate, our phones, Jemma's wifi thing, and Picnik

 We played a game of "truth or truth" and it came out with lots of shocking revelations which I'm not gonna tell you about hehehehe. Anyway that pink phone on the book is the dial, and that's Jemma's reaction (EPIC!)

Conversations went on till 2am, but Jemma and I were passed out at about 12am. I woke up at around 2 am though cause their voices were really loud and Ken said something funny :))) it was not long till I dozed off to sleep. 

Here's a picture of us asleep till the bright hours of morning. Photo courtesy of
Clarisse Honorario. We all look so tired!
I spent the rest of my days at my Tita Mimi's house, of course hanging out with the babies... thus not much photos. 

On 2 days of my vacation, I went to the beach with two different bunches of people: First, with my titos and my cousins (I was photographer that day hence no photos of myself). I basically did "bantay" duty cause I didn't really bathe in the sea. I don't like being in the water. :(

Pat2, Josh, and Kyla making a mermaid

The other time, I was in Paradise with my mom's close friends, my tita, my cousins, and Minnie!


Em, JL (goodness he's tall), and me!

We also visited my great-grandma's house. She has lots of pictures of my dad and my titos when they were little! It was my first time seeing them that small, and they were shocked to know that they had pictures that survived!

A picture with my great grandma + the babies

My mom and Lola awing

December 31, 2012: At my Lola Libby's house, with my girl cousins and niece :D

Ola, here's a pic of me and ken having dinner at Jbee bajada before she leaves Davao the next day! Always so fulfilling and special talking about things with your best friend, cause no matter what she'll accept you for who you are. :D

This post is very long and obviously I got lazy at the end part, but yeah. Christmas 2012 is the best Christmas ever! :))))