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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


There's something I feel that I'm missing lately.
I'm just not sure what exactly.

Just another sunset photo.
SOOC. I took this photo last month, by the way. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Sunset

The sky during sunset. Isn't it lovely?

Photo is SOOC (Straight Out of Camera)

Sunday, January 29, 2012


A picture of me before taking the exam (I forgot what subject it was. Basta)

Finally. Got some rest after a looooooong week of excessive brain wrinkling, so that's why I am now gonna blog about my week.

MONDAY turned about to be a holiday for the celebration of the Chinese New Year, and it was also USC's study day. DUH. It's the first time that I ever really really really studied on a study day... like I mean, literally the whole day! I didn't go out on that day which is pretty amazing! I feel proud of myself! #Selfmotivation Just trained the rats in the morning with Charles, and then I was back to studying. Sino man din ang hindi magstudy nun na day na Zoology Lec and Cognitive Psych (105) ang i-exam on that day. I think you can pretty much imagine how much gahot I did that day.

TUESDAY. Ughhh. Don't wanna even talk about it. Exam wasn't as hard as I thought but still hard nonetheless. Got lots of mistakes that I don't wanna talk about anymore. Magkita nalang ta ani sa midterm grades jud. 105 exam was okay... but I'm not quiet sure how it turned out. Emphasis on I'M NOT SURE.

WEDNESDAY was economics exam. Sir AlTab (some nickname my classmates made for our teacher) gave us a five-paged exam. It was fine until... we got to the items that he didn't even discuss. Sorcery, I tell you!!!! It was in the next chapter!!!

THURSDAY. Had no exams for the day, so I studied for Experimental Psych (106) exam, and a teeny tiny bit of ReEd (Religious Education), and Philo. Brain torture.

FRIDAY. 106 exam was bearable, Sir Gaylo didn't show up, and Philo Exam almost took 2 hours to finish. 2 hours for four questions! I'm quite confident about my answers. I have to be cause I need a comeback from my bad grade during the pre-midterms. :(

I'm quite scared about my grades this semester because I'M NOT SURE about my midterm grades. I'M NOT CONFIDENT about them. :(( Let go and let God nalang talaga ito.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Science and Faith

Before taking the Philo exam yesterday, I opened Daily Bread and looked for the devotion for January 26 since I didn't get to read it the day before.

The title of the devotional is "What Faith Is and Does". It talked about being more committed to God during times when doubts are raised in your mind because of the injustice and false beliefs that you constantly meet everyday. Faith assures us of God's reality and the glory that awaits us. This is what I exactly needed to feed my soul for the day, it really blessed me because lately I have been going through some sort of confusion about my faith. I had questions, and lots of them. True talaga na minsan science does lead us to question God. :( Glad I've gotten through that phase. I guess I've been swayed by the world, but the great thing is that God never changes. He's always faithful!

I'm praying to be more committed and steadfast to God this year. By God's grace, I know I will be.
338 days of 2012 to go! :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Newly developed

Got some pictures developed today. I didn't plan to at first but since I had to get some pictures printed for our PE project, I decided to get some of my other pics from sembreak developed as well. :)

Thinking of doing a photowall. Joy started hers already, so maybe I could too. I hope I have time (and money!) for that soon!


Friday, January 20, 2012

BBQ Friday

Went out with Ben, Rudj, Apple and Charles for barbecue today. Ben suggested that we'd go to Mathias... a BBQ place in AS Fortuna. Sabi ni Apple na masarap daw din doon.

Here's Ben doing his usual pose

Ben, Rudj and Apple... gutom na?
Cebu's famous puso
I don't have decent pictures of the food cause I kept the camera right after the food was served. Gutom na kasi! DMD!

Pork Belly 
Chorizo+Pork BBQ 

No pictures while we were eating. BOOOOOOOO

The faces after lunch. Busog na ay! 
And finally I made an appearance :)

Hahahahaha by the way, Ben has some sort of family relationship with Marj of 105.9 and he requested
"Science and Faith" by The Script. Tapos he added pa na i-greet kami, cause we were studying "daw".
First time ko na ma-greet sa radio! Walang basagan ng trip! Happy ako! 

 Charles and me!

And then Apple really wanted to take a picture of me driving... so I gave the car a sudden break. HAHAHA
(I can still imagine Apple's reaction)
 Rudj and Ben... LQ? jk!

Fun lunch trip with friends but 
photos end here. :(

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Year starter!

New year? Another 366 days to leave a mark. New realizations. New experiences. New start. And... a new blog!

So the usual blog-starter for me is: "It's been a while since I last blogged". Which I think I used in almost every other blog I had when it was new or when I updated after a very long time of hiatus. Haha, really. It's been a while. The last time I remember blogging was during the last months of 2010... or could be the first few months of 2011. I don't know exactly, which just proves that it's REALLY REALLY been so long!

If you've read the stuff that I poured my heart out on a secret part of the internet, well, I've gotten over it. Great thing, right? I'm in a state of contentment right now and I wouldn't give up anything to be somewhere else. :)

Cheers to putting-another-blog-in-the-crowded-Web! Heehee