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Thursday, February 2, 2012


This week has got to be the most hectic week ever since the start of the second semester. Hectic because papers, projects, and exams are piling up. The worst thing about it is the mice exam is gonna be on Saturday and the mice have been acting up. It's the week I can call "Desperation Week".

Reasons why my groupmates and I are desperate:
  1. If they don't complete/perfect the maze, the five of us will get 3.5. 3.5=BAGSAK
  2. Our mice has been with us for more than a month now. They've been with us since December 26.
  3. Our mice (Therence, Derrick, Kobe and Lebron) don't want to eat anymore.
  4. Or if they do, kunti lang masyado. 
  5. Mapili pa talaga sa pagkain. We've fed them these tapos for example, we gave Lebron skyflakes during the times she reached three correct points in the maze and then sa next point, suddenly ayaw na nilang mag-eat. That's why we prepare all these when training. Bigla nalang kasing mag-sawa.
    • pellets
    • skyflakes
    • peanuts
    • peanut butter biscuits
    • cheese
    • magic flakes (cheese flavor)
    • cookies
    • carrots
  6. We can't train them all the time.
  7. Kobe only wants to escape. 
  8. Lebron turns out to be a girl. And PREGNANT.
  9. This week bigla nalang sila di naga-cooperate. What the hell. Of all weeks, it had to be this one. Whyyyy... it's like they've suddenly become dumb. They don't even know where to go anymore. :((
I brought the mice with me tonight, and my groupmates and I agreed on training them every hour. Anytime as possible. I hope they'll cooperate tonight.
Here's a picture of Rudj chasing the one that got away


On a lighter note,  Ate Mich visited TC today and after afternoon training, she treated us to siomai and puso just so to lessen our stress. 

Ang nag-libre, BOW


Apple, me and ate Mich-- stressed face mode

Charles: pa-good boy effect. AS IF MASYADO

Nabawasan talaga ang stress dahil busog na busog. Thank God for cheat hours! Hahahaha!
God bless nalang sa ating lahat sa mice exam. *puts hand over heart* ALL IS WELL, ALL IS WELL.

Sana nga.