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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Highlights of January '13

Here's one of my alkansyas for the whole year (this one is specifically for the leftover coins I have during the weekend). I have five of them, actually... cause dreams has its price!
January for Cebu is obviously party month cause of Sinulog! Here's a peek of the traffic the event is causing :) I didn't go out and party and laag... but I was on my way to TC when this happened. (this was a week or a few days before the Sinulog day)

January 2013 for me is also cram time for congress! First off, we did the lanyards. I hand-sewed the first batch, but it takes so long for it to get done. Was forced to learn using the sewing machine... now I'm a pro! (kidding) well yeah I did improve. A bit. Hihi... and in three days, I finished 40! Machines really make things fastaaaahhhh

January 24, 2013 was the day I chopped off my looooooong hair! I heeded the advice of certain people I was with during December (Em and H) to get a new look cause I have had the same hairstyle ever since highschool! (not counting the one I had after prom). I woke up that day sure and ready!! I told the hairdresser to cut more hair cause it wasn't that short but she insisted to not cut anymore hair cause I won't be left with any. Huhuhu anyway that's how it turned out. That pic was taken 3 days after the said haircut!

Finally finally finally got what I've been craving for weeks! Mi paborito Caramel Banana Walnut Pancakes! It tasted so good and fluffy and so banana! I enjoyed eating it so much and much more cause I was with jon mark (who paid for it) :)) It rained that day which made my bagtaks hurt because of the cold and the walking. ALL IS WELL!

Last, but not the least... It was one of those days where I got what I wanted-- a morning schedule for our class activity on Saturday (Feb 2)! If you didnt know, I hate having classes or anything during Saturday afternoons cause that's the time I get to hang out with Jon Mark and have meetings in church. Soooooooo.... I was so happy I got this! We drew lots, so destiny was on my side! Definitely was a great month, hopefully will be a good morning on Saturday,

and a good year ahead!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

No pain, no gain

"There is no pain greater than this; not the cut of a jagged-edged dagger nor the fire of a dragon's breath. Nothing burns in your heart like the emptiness of losing something, someone, before you truly have learned of its value."
-Robert Salvatore

Amazing quote I stumbled on today. It has so much meaning!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas 2012

Ahhh, Christmas back home. It has been 5 years since. Our flight was in the morning of December 24, and the ride going to Davao was a little bit bumpy cause there were a lot of turbulence (i think). On landing, my mom, Nic2 and my cousin were feeling so bad because they felt nauseous! So much negative energy around me, shoo away! Anyway, we stopped by our house in emily, and from the looks of it, matagal tagal na rin since I've last seen it! 3 years, baby! It looks as if no one really took care of it, and it's really worn down. Haaay, so much memories there.

We headed to my lolo's house for lunch with the whole family! Everyone was there which made it cozier for the heart (teehee). Sitting at the table, I realized that I'm a bit too old to hang out with the kiddos... or maybe I'm not, it's just that they've grown up as well. :( The three musketeers a.k.a Mico, Patrick, and Kyla have entered the world of adolescence and there's that all too familiar behavior of a teen in confusion. Dale, on the other hand, is showing his happy and social self again, which is nice. He showed us a picture of his girlfriend too! :)) Of course, what would be a great family gathering if the babies weren't there? Ethan was just his jolly, cute and little self--- I can't get enough of him! If only I can be with him forever and he wouldn't grow up. (Separation anxiety and fixation right here) Justin has his own 2-year old world, complete with tantrums here and there, and the occasional laugh he gives that makes us laugh too. Joshua and Justin finally finally are in "good terms" with each other, since before they usually fight over things. I love my cousins so much! Anyway, here's a sneak peek of our little lunch get-together:

Lolo cooked crabs and pochero (his apos' favorite) Happy tummy!

Nothing beats food cooked by lolo :)

Wait... here's a pseudo-family pic during Kyla's birthday :>
Christmas tree at my lolo's house! Look at all the gifts! They're mostly Justin and Ethan's, and Josh's so MEHHH HAHAHAHAHAHA

This is our little noche buena: spaghetti, shrimp, and bulalo! :))

After dinner, we had a family devotional led by our tito Iman. There, we talked about the blessings and trials the family has encountered during the year 2012, and how much we are thankful for God's grace. Although some parts were awkward cause I don't usually hear my other titos open up like that, but it was heart-warming and now I get a bigger perspective on how God touches our lives, especially in our family. There were tears shed too, but all is well in the family. :)

Here's my tito reading the Christmas story again in Luke 2

On December 27, my barkada met up. After three years, we're complete! (FYI: We haven't been complete since highschool graduation)! Sabot was 1 pm at our favorite studio but people arrived at around 3pm! Crazyyyy! As always, Jemma is the early bird cause she had her solo pictures taken, which she says she does every after 2 years. Janine was still fresh from Kidapawan when she arrived and Joy was just in Chimes looking around (that's why she was late zzzz). Photo sessions with the gang contain the same fun and laughter we had in highschool. Still crazy!

Some of our pictures:

 A candid photo of us laughing (I love this so much, looks so chika!):
With everything wrapped up in the studio, we went to Victoria Plaza (it continues to exist) and decided to shop for groceries and ingredients for the crazy sleepover we plan to have. Ingredients on our list: spaghetti sauce, ground pork, sago, condensed milk, evap, among others. We waited for Janine cause she went home to pack her stuff up :)))) After the mall, we decided to go straight to Joy's house to cook dindin. As usual, our head honchos in the kitchen is Joy and Jemma, the two powerful best buddies! They made me taste-tester which I suck at cause I eat anything they feed me! I can't differentiate much on taste.... *self pity* Food was greaaaaaaaaaat! Conversations over the table were all mixed up, you had to turn your head from one side to the other to listen to everything that's been going on! Talk about crazy!! Even if we study at different places, it all goes back to highschool, its people, and its drama (not much on the drama, but news of people!)
Adobo by Joy and Jemma

We then headed to Ken's crib to have our "party" and "exchanging gift". 
Here's a picture of us with our gifts from our manitas :D

  Notice the headbands? Christmas gift ko yan to errbody! 
In the midst of our conversation circle is Cheezy, bars of chocolate, our phones, Jemma's wifi thing, and Picnik

 We played a game of "truth or truth" and it came out with lots of shocking revelations which I'm not gonna tell you about hehehehe. Anyway that pink phone on the book is the dial, and that's Jemma's reaction (EPIC!)

Conversations went on till 2am, but Jemma and I were passed out at about 12am. I woke up at around 2 am though cause their voices were really loud and Ken said something funny :))) it was not long till I dozed off to sleep. 

Here's a picture of us asleep till the bright hours of morning. Photo courtesy of
Clarisse Honorario. We all look so tired!
I spent the rest of my days at my Tita Mimi's house, of course hanging out with the babies... thus not much photos. 

On 2 days of my vacation, I went to the beach with two different bunches of people: First, with my titos and my cousins (I was photographer that day hence no photos of myself). I basically did "bantay" duty cause I didn't really bathe in the sea. I don't like being in the water. :(

Pat2, Josh, and Kyla making a mermaid

The other time, I was in Paradise with my mom's close friends, my tita, my cousins, and Minnie!


Em, JL (goodness he's tall), and me!

We also visited my great-grandma's house. She has lots of pictures of my dad and my titos when they were little! It was my first time seeing them that small, and they were shocked to know that they had pictures that survived!

A picture with my great grandma + the babies

My mom and Lola awing

December 31, 2012: At my Lola Libby's house, with my girl cousins and niece :D

Ola, here's a pic of me and ken having dinner at Jbee bajada before she leaves Davao the next day! Always so fulfilling and special talking about things with your best friend, cause no matter what she'll accept you for who you are. :D

This post is very long and obviously I got lazy at the end part, but yeah. Christmas 2012 is the best Christmas ever! :))))


January 17, 2013.

Goodness. I feel like bursting with anger, annoyance and all these negative energy!!! The only good thing that happened today was waking up early to fetch the love of my life (Ethan). That's that. I was supposed to go home with my parents after fetching him but I found out that they aren't coming back till after lunch so what a bummer cause my primary plan was to come back to the office to print our RRL and test items.

I know I have no right to complain about the RRL and the test items to take so long, but yeah. I'll be missing out on my Social Psych because I still have to go to the college I dislike. To add up to all these things that are making my blood boil is my boyfriend who is very annoying as of the moment. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

Breathe breathe breathe. Since this blog is one of the few things/people-like things I can spill my heart out to, might as well do it to make myself calm.

P.S. Maybe these bad moods are because I have my period? IDK