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Friday, March 14, 2014


I just came home from a recently concluded overnight batch retreat! We had it in the middle of finals week so it allowed all of us to just relax for a moment and think about our life -- past, present, and future. One of the activities we had was to make a LIFELINE. What usually comes up first in our minds is "people or things where we depend on in difficult situations", or "Who Wants To Be A Millionare" game strategies! However, for our activity, the facilitator meant was to create our own life timelines (thus LIFELINES) that has all our most significant happy and sad experiences. We were given a blank sheet of paper and an hour to do the activity.

For my lifeline, my starting point was when I was in Grade 3, since I think that's what I can really recall from my childhood. Grade 3 because after that year, my family left Davao to transfer to Cebu. During that time, it was pretty weird and scary because before that, I was so accustomed to life in Davao where I had all my friends and relatives then transferring to another place where I really did not know anyone. I think that was a really significant life transition. If you will notice, we're always transferring between Cebu and Davao, but the transfers have been so much easier cause I feel like both places really feel like home to me now.

My lifeline is designed like a map, hence the dashed lines, so you can follow through.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Beginning of the End: College

After graduation pictorial
It's already the first day of March... which means it's just a matter of time till college graduation! Something negative about our thesis came up yesterday (even though we already passed our final papers for thesis defense next week), but I'm trying to see it as one of the last big PUSH I have to make before I leave university! Cons of the situation: Less sleep, thicker eyebags, stress, stress, more stress. Pros of the situation: Less chances of a screwed-up defense, and an opportunity to mature and take responsibility! Situations like these can easily make graduating students lose hope and motivation to push through, so sometimes we feel the need to learn from other people's insights and experiences (and that feeling that we're not in this alone)!

Eat Out: BFF Dinner at Simply J's

This place is definitely one of my favorite restaurants already! My bestfriend, Ken, and I decided to have one last dinner together in Cebu (for the meantime) before she heads back to Dumaguete. I have always passed by this restaurant on my drives around the city, and I've always wanted to go and visit! Buti nalang I remembered this place when we were both planning to go. As what I expected the place to be, it was really pretty, classy, and cozy! I love the lighting, the interiors, the wall colors, the chairs, the lamps... in short, everything! 

Stuffed Chicken Parcel, left; Grilled Pork Tenderloin, right
They have a great food selection too! Their menu is also easily accessible on Facebook so you can choose what you want to order beforehand! I think everything is priced reasonably and the food was really sumptuous! Check out their Facebook page here.

The ambiance was so perfect for our "medyo grown-up" BFF conversations. Experiences in retrospect have it's way of making us smile and laugh, don't they? Time flies so fast. The next time we'll be seeing each other, we will already have our respective college degrees! Naabot pa kami sa topic na, "Siguro ang ginagawa nalang kapag nagatanda (tumatanda in Filipino) noh kay magsige try-try nalang ng mga food parati." HAHAHAHA! Siguro nga.

Simply J's Cafe
Mon - Sat: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Address: Apitong St. cor. N. Escario, 6014 Cebu City
Ways to get there thru Public Transpo: Jeepney - 14D (Escario - Ayala),
 04L (JY - Ayala), 06H (Guadalupe - Ayala), Taxi
#: 505-8315