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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm

Here I am, blogging in the wee hours of the morning of the day when the tropical storm "Haiyan" is expected to enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility -- after which it will be called locally as the typhoon "Yolanda". According to reports, it is expected to strengthen in 48 hours, and most likely develop to be a SUPERTYPHOON. Its winds have a peak intensity of 241 kph! God forbid something very bad can happen. :(
Photo credit to PAGASA

It's true that people everywhere are panic-buying. I went to the grocery yesterday to buy some goods and supplies we need in the apartment for the storm. I went there at around 2 pm. Usually, there aren't that many people in the grocery (in Talamban) during that hour of day. I guess today was an exception. There were very long lines! So, I have no right to judge and laugh about people who panic-buy, cause I did the same myself. As what I always say, better to be safe than sorry!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Photo credit to Startup Quote!
Started out with this quote from the internet because this message is exactly what I want to tell you. My life as a graduating student has been very crazy and hectic. Deadlines here, projects due there, thesis everywhere, and to top if off -- an internship to complete the package! At first I thought that being an intern was something very restricting to a person and that you were basically just doing routines. But, I learned from EXPERIENCE that it's not like that. My internship in the guidance center (again) has brought about a big change in my life that I couldn't ever forget! There's so much to learn outside of the four walls of the classroom, so many opportunities lurking around! Being an intern is so fun because in the process of career discovery, you are also embarking in a journey of self-discovery. From my experience, I realized a lot of things about myself that I didn't know about before as well as do things that I was too scared to even think about! This was from my last internship experience.

This time around, things were harder from the start. The application process is much more complicated and strict compared in a school guidance setup. I applied in more or less 12 companies that had active Human Resource departments. Flashback: I had only one company in mind that I wanted to intern in ever since I was a freshman in college. I remember daydreams after daydreams, imagining myself to be one of the chosen interns for that company. But God had another plan for me, and that was not where I wanted it initially to be. He gave me a wake-up call -- I may think that I know what's best for me, but in reality, isn't. Insert *move on, move on pag may time* It was a long agonizing wait before I actually got a call! I was interviewed in 3 out of 12 companies... but only got an offer in 2. I accepted the one I listed before as my third "best" option. It was a very relieving experience to be able to hear that you got accepted for the position. I know God has something in store for me here! So excited to be interacting with new people, have a new environment, and get a glimpse of a career as an HR personnel. :-)

My ootd during the interview hehe

Basically, all I'm trying to say is... embrace being an intern. It changes your life as you change with it, but only if you allow it to. Always grab opportunities as they pass you by... it will not come back the same way again.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Eat Out: Sprockets and Cafe Maru

Good morning to anyone whoever stumbles on this blog post! It's now 12:04 in the morning, and I'm forcing myself to type with my left hand. The consequences await me when I wake up, for sure! Anyway, I have been enjoying my semestral break so far, considering this is my last one in college. It's been a mixture of chilling at home, cleaning (here and there), and bonding with people that I usually don't get to hang out with during schooldays! Last week, Ken came to visit Cebu for a short detour before heading home to Davao. We went window shopping first, then headed home to leave her things, then went ahead to Sprockets (TC branch) to have some sort of snacks and dessert.

P.S. We had an early dinner at 3 pm teehee!

It was Ken's first time here, *gasp* as well as myself! So it was a new experience for both of us. We just wanted to hang out somewhere nice for added environment factors to our conversations :> It was such a chill place to stay because they had bean bags where you can just throw yourself into and no one would even bother! Here's a look at their place:
Photo thanks to Ken's ipad hehe

Friday, November 1, 2013

Life updates (Sembreak 2013)

The last post I had was about the beginning of my LAST (hopefully) semester in college. Time flies so fast! It took me 5 months to finally write again, due to hectic schedules and deadlines! This post is basically a short perspective of my life for the last few months. :)

As far as you know, we don't live in a boarding house outside school anymore! We already transferred to a 15 sqm studio apartment in Kalubihan, Talamban which is just near the Gaisano mall. It's not walking distance from school, but at least it only takes one ride going there (and only 5 mins!). It's also more accessible from downtown cause the jeepney routes going here can be easily found in Colon or Ayala. Such a far cry from the three rides I have to endure to coming home to Talisay! Nic's Ken has been living with us also, and she just chips in with the monthly dues. Living in the apartment means that we need to be really independent. We have to be able to juggle our schedule between cooking, cleaning, and just living peaceably with each other. Hehe! (A million thanks also to my parents who happily provided for our refrigerator, stove, and other appliances)

Inside the studio (Newly transferred, without beds and appliances yet)

Late Post: The Beginning of the End

It's that time of the year again where the mall seems too overcrowded, cashier lines are too long and almost everybody seems too frantic to get things done and grab all they need right away. No, it's not Christmas... it's the beginning of another school year!

I'm one of those people who gets too giddy to buy school supplies -- whether it's just a notebook, or a pad of post-its, I'm all in! There was even a point in my life that I got too addicted to hoarding school stuff that whenever I go to the mall (especially National Bookstore), I don't end up going home with nothing in my hand. My bag was full of markers, pens (that I really didn't need), memo pads, post-its, that it was really hard to find something that fell inside my bag. It's really a jungle! I also remember a time in highschool where I asked my classmates to give me Mongol #2 pencils as birthday gifts for my 16th birthday. I WAS THAT CRAZY. It was really an obsession... my hands twitched and I had mini-"anxiety attacks" whenever I didn't get to buy anything. Good thing that my boyfriend forced me to stop all the craziness cause I spent more money than I should, and more importantly, I wasted a lot of time inside the store just to find the perfect school supply ( I usually stay inside the store for about an hour or more). Zzzz.

Maybe that part of my life was over, but there's no denial that I still do get excited to buy stuff for school. It makes me feel ready to face the challenges lined up for me for the semester! (CHOSSIN RIGHT HERE) Things just got more exciting cause I'm officially a fourth year student! There are just some things that make me anxious like thesis and internship, and maybe landing in a class with our department's most-feared of teachers!