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Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 28

November 28, 2012

To give you a detailed idea of what is currently happening, read this: Yesterday, I didn’t go to class, just because I had dysmenorrhea during the morning, and I just really wanted to spend the day with jon mark, and buy my yoga mat! Finally! I bought one in purple and even though I was physically “disabled” due to my womanly pains, I tried Pilates. Bad idea. Now I had a very aching back, which feels like I’ve been beaten up, especially in my lower spine. Could also be an effect of dysmenorrhea? Maybe both at the same time. Now I’m just glad I’m lying down. It feels so good. I’m kinda scared for Pilates tomorrow cause maybe my back will be painful again. *sigh* Right now, I’m listening to Alipin by Shamrock. It’s so relaxing to listen to songs you haven’t heard in a while. I think I now know why I’m not that iPod-type person… I keep repeating the songs I like at the moment, and just skip the others! In the long run, it just makes me hate all my songs, which is sad. So right now I’m happy I get to listen to Jon Mark’s playlist cause it’s not the usual.
Internet: Internet sucks right now that’s why I’m kinda writing a diary post. I feel that tonight is one of those nights… STALK NIGHTS! Nahhhh hope that doesn’t push through though. Hope so, I’m too tired! My body is, but my brain isn’t, so let’s just hope internet gets sucky for a little more time. (Although at the same time I feel I want it to work already). Girls on their period are very indecisive and confusing, noh? When JM and I were on the jeep back to Talamban, he jokingly said that we should make a rule to not see each other during the first day of my period cause I’m too impossible. Hot-tempered and hot-blooded I was during that moment, I ticked. I was pissed off and melodramatic and sad all at the same time. Gah, I can’t even describe my emotions when that happened.

Anyway, I’m happy to tell you that 2012 has been a year of many firsts again.

In this year,
First time to be so fat during summer. It’s the fattest I have ever been in my life!

I applied for a job for the first time! (At Aegis)

I got accepted for a call center agent, got extended for good job performance and sales, and got my first legit paycheck! (Aegis, Teleflora)

I got a legit massage for the first time! (at Nuat Thai)

I had gelato for the 1st time J


I bought my first legit rubber shoes!

I had my first workout!

Jogged my first lap and the second, and the third… till n lap at the oval at Abellana

I’ll try Pilates tomorrow. Legit workout at legit place!

First time buying a yoga mat

Okay… so far that’s what I remember. Nadistract na ako sa internet! Promise I’ll add to this list when I’ve internalized and did some deep thinking for my year. Plus, I’m having a new perspective on things. I am kinda using the phenomenon “spotlight effect” to change my perception of things. You’ll get to understand that sometime. Not today, HAHA I’m still just working my way through it J
Goodnight, readers! Whoever you are.


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