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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Starting again in 2014

This is a list of all the things I need to resolve in the upcoming year! 2013 has been one of the most memorable years in my life, filled with lessons and realizations essential to be a better person! God has been so gracious in providing me opportunities to grow and learn, as well as to improve on aspects of my life I thought were impossible to fix.
In 2013,I've come to understand what it truly and genuinely means to be accepting of yourself. It's true that the only person that you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday. You should not compare yourself to other people... it only makes your self worse than it ever was.With that, here is a partial plan to continue working on my self! "Partial" because who knows, maybe God has a different path laid out for me for the next year!

In 2014, I would TRY MY VERY BEST to follow-through with:
  1. Become a better housecleaner. Ever since 4th year high school, my parents have allowed my sister (Nica) and I to be "independent" in terms of living conditions as well as to the scope of our control over things in the house such as grocery, cooking, cleaning up, laundry, and whatever. Along the way I've picked up a handful of tricks and techniques in the house that allows me to finish chores efficiently. However, oftentimes I just want to be a couch potato so nothing gets done ever for a couple of days. It piles UP and UP and UP! (after a week or so, I get annoyed with it) So for this year, I should be more consistent in terms of cleaning schedules and really work on my motivation! Practice ko 'to for my potential future as a homemaker! Aja!
  2.  Be a better people-person. Fact of life: I am an introvert. Although, that's not a really valid reason to excuse myself from interacting with other people! May be acceptable at first, but in the long run, it's not a very nice habit! I really get nervous when speaking in front of other people. In my mind, I cringe at times when I have conversations with other people and the atmosphere gets really awkward. I hate situations like that! Do you, too? Well anyway since I am in a career path towards Human Resource or maybe Guidance & Counseling, I have to work on better communication skills!!!! It's very VERY essential! Dapat ko ilagay sa sarili ko sa mga situations na I can practice. One way of being your true self pa naman is owning your words. By owning your words, you own your thoughts. And in owning your thoughts, you completely own yourself. Hmmmm.... I shiver at the changes I have to make. But I have to snap out of it! 
  3. Learn and DO DIY's! The world is getting more instant and everything you need can be easily bought in the malls! For practical and future purposes, I need to learn how to create things! My creativity ever since I stepped in college has reached an all time LOW so I really need this in my life to get the creative juices flowing! First off, I plan to make my own scented candles since I've been quite obsessed with it recently cause it really calms me down and puts the room in a fragrant, cozy mood! Of course I would try to document it so whoever stumbles upon my blog posts can also do it themselves. How fun would this project be! An added perk will be: I'm officially part of the out-of-school youth after 3 months so maybe I'd have the time by then to actually create something!
  4. Improve on playing the piano! I have always gravitated to church piano playing ever since I realized that classical piano playing has never been the thing for me! What's great about knowing how to play humns and church choir songs is that you can also express yourself in the way you are playing for the Lord! Don't get me wrong, but what I meant by "expressing yourself" is that you can have your own unique style in how you interpret the song, but of course within the boundaries of your convictions as a Christian. I love how playing hymns bring so much fond memories of growing up, how we sang that in church, and how songs touch the lives of the people singing/listening to it. During this holiday break, I had a chance to have a piano lesson with my very good friend, Ate Ellen, who happens to be our pastor's daughter, church pianist, and professional music teacher. I thought that I already mastered the way of the chords... but to my dismay, I learned that what I knew was just the tip of the iceberg! I've still got a long way to go and lot of practices to do. As always, it's only through God's grace. Yet again, thank God for allowing me to become the pianist in our Senior Ladies Sunday School class. At least I can play once a week! Hehe, God is so good.
  5. Focus on studies. For this school year, I admit I have become lenient in my academics. I think I have become so relaxed and laidback that I somehow lost my motivation to do well in school. 3 months left before I leave college. My goodness! Ang bilis ng oras! I'm wondering if ever I'll be able to reach my goal on graduation. Come to think of it, there are still a lot of things to finish for our thesis! Data analysis, results, discussion, and defense! Plus, other requirements pa sa other major subjects. Kayanin ko dapat to. Kung X-Men pa to, ito na talaga ang THE LAST STAND! HAHAHAHA!
  6. Lose weight. I don't expect myself to have a body of a Victoria's Secret Angel nor do I want to be skinny, but at least lose the extra pounds I gained! I'm overweight by 4.5 kilos, so my goal is just be at the right weight, based on my BMI. Siguro, I'll just cut down a bit on my rice intake for starters. :)
  7. Save up! Savings has always been something I've always done in the past. It's really helpful especially for emergency situations! However, for this year, I'm planning to do it differently. Have you ever heard the three S of saving? Save (for emergency), spend (for fun), and share (for others). I'm starting today! 
  8. Bask in the moment. You'll never be in the exact same moment twice. So, I have to live in the now. Breathe all the positivity in, and all the negativity out. Life is too short to waste it on worrying and being caught back by the past. Other than that, also live in the moment with people you care about the most. As my life is limited, so is theirs. Spend as much time with them as you can.
  9. Grow spiritually. As a Christian, it should be your yearly goal to grow more in the Lord. As to what aspects I need to work on and how I plan to do it is just between the Lord and me. So help me, God.
  10. Be the best ME that I can be. In anything, in any place.
These are my new year resolutions version 2014. What's yours? :-)


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