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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Photo Diary: Road to Graduation

The undergraduate research forum: It was such a roller-coaster experience. We got nominated as candidates for best research paper. Only 6 out of the 10 in the list were to defend again in the research forum and we really wished that we would not be part of the 6. Mysterious as God is, He gave us the opportunity to talk again about our research despite not really wanting it in the first place. It was such a fun experience because most of our blockmates where there to support and cheer for us! We won 3rd place! It was so surprising because if you knew the journey we've gone through with our thesis, we really didn't expect something really good to come out of it. Nevertheless, Glory be to God for all the surprises! I guess we really underestimated ourselves and was blinded of the potential our group has.
A pic with our adviser, Sir Niel Kintanar
Random hang-outs with #MejClingy! Imagine 30+ of us walking around and eating at one place just because we're clingy like that!
Photo by Rachel Aquino

Photo by Reeman Manacap

#MEJCLINGY Graduation Party!!!

Close as we are, our block planned an intimate last hurrah before graduation. Days before the actual party, we were making decorations to make things prettier and a lot more fun!  
 Wearing my bunny ears while making crepe flowers

 Ruchi blowing up balloons

The party...

Our little set-up. (L-R): DIY Ringhop (that's not ring-shaped), Utensils wrapped like diplomas, setting up the photobooth, photobooth
Photo by Reeman Manacap

Trivia Night: our official favorite game!


We had a "photobooth" too, and here's my solo pic! Tatak #MEJCLINGY <3
We also did memory jars and palancas
 ... and one of the sweetest things I've ever witnessed in my life happened. A profession of love from my classmate, to my good friend, Ana.
Here's my #MEJCLINGY Certificate of Recognition and my memory jar.  I got the award "Dakilang Tagaleg at Malumanay Award" Hahahaha!

GRADUATION BALL (March 21, 2014)

Getting glammed up

It was so fun seeing everyone all formal and extra gorgeous that night! But of course, makeup and gowns won't get in the way of real crazy fun!

Playing our favorite game, TRIVIA NIGHT, with my favorite people! Team #MejClingy forever! Medyo sepanx pa ako! Photos by the amazing Pidography!

We also got our certificates that night for being 3rd place in Best Quantitative Research. :)
 Of course, pictures with some of the best people I've met in college!
Kulang ang #MejClingy!

You can officially say "It's over" when your thesis is finally hard-bounded! It was definitely worth all the stress, sleepless nights, and all the energy! 
Last but not the least, graduation day!

I woke up at 4am to prepare for graduation. The program was really early. Our call-time was 6:30 am because the program starts at 7:30 am (maagang-maaga). Here are pics with some of my batchmates (c) Ching Cacanog :)
God has blessed me of 4 wonderful years as a Psychology student in the University of San Carlos. By God's grace and with hard work, I graduated with honors!!! So thankful to all those who've inspired me to strive for the best. It actually feels weird that I won't be enrolling or buying school supplies this coming June. I can't believe that I'm already standing at the crossroads of unemployment. Hahaha! It really feels surreal that I'm not in college anymore and wala na akong "student discount". Lol. 

All for God's glory.

P.S. They all say it's normal to feel a little bit confused after graduation. Excited to update you what my life choices will be at this point of my life! xx

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