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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Highlights of January '13

Here's one of my alkansyas for the whole year (this one is specifically for the leftover coins I have during the weekend). I have five of them, actually... cause dreams has its price!
January for Cebu is obviously party month cause of Sinulog! Here's a peek of the traffic the event is causing :) I didn't go out and party and laag... but I was on my way to TC when this happened. (this was a week or a few days before the Sinulog day)

January 2013 for me is also cram time for congress! First off, we did the lanyards. I hand-sewed the first batch, but it takes so long for it to get done. Was forced to learn using the sewing machine... now I'm a pro! (kidding) well yeah I did improve. A bit. Hihi... and in three days, I finished 40! Machines really make things fastaaaahhhh

January 24, 2013 was the day I chopped off my looooooong hair! I heeded the advice of certain people I was with during December (Em and H) to get a new look cause I have had the same hairstyle ever since highschool! (not counting the one I had after prom). I woke up that day sure and ready!! I told the hairdresser to cut more hair cause it wasn't that short but she insisted to not cut anymore hair cause I won't be left with any. Huhuhu anyway that's how it turned out. That pic was taken 3 days after the said haircut!

Finally finally finally got what I've been craving for weeks! Mi paborito Caramel Banana Walnut Pancakes! It tasted so good and fluffy and so banana! I enjoyed eating it so much and much more cause I was with jon mark (who paid for it) :)) It rained that day which made my bagtaks hurt because of the cold and the walking. ALL IS WELL!

Last, but not the least... It was one of those days where I got what I wanted-- a morning schedule for our class activity on Saturday (Feb 2)! If you didnt know, I hate having classes or anything during Saturday afternoons cause that's the time I get to hang out with Jon Mark and have meetings in church. Soooooooo.... I was so happy I got this! We drew lots, so destiny was on my side! Definitely was a great month, hopefully will be a good morning on Saturday,

and a good year ahead!

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