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Friday, November 1, 2013

Life updates (Sembreak 2013)

The last post I had was about the beginning of my LAST (hopefully) semester in college. Time flies so fast! It took me 5 months to finally write again, due to hectic schedules and deadlines! This post is basically a short perspective of my life for the last few months. :)

As far as you know, we don't live in a boarding house outside school anymore! We already transferred to a 15 sqm studio apartment in Kalubihan, Talamban which is just near the Gaisano mall. It's not walking distance from school, but at least it only takes one ride going there (and only 5 mins!). It's also more accessible from downtown cause the jeepney routes going here can be easily found in Colon or Ayala. Such a far cry from the three rides I have to endure to coming home to Talisay! Nic's Ken has been living with us also, and she just chips in with the monthly dues. Living in the apartment means that we need to be really independent. We have to be able to juggle our schedule between cooking, cleaning, and just living peaceably with each other. Hehe! (A million thanks also to my parents who happily provided for our refrigerator, stove, and other appliances)

Inside the studio (Newly transferred, without beds and appliances yet)
The past months also brought about the beginning and the end of my internship in the Guidance Center. I have been blessed to be a part of the College Guidance Center in UC-Main Campus (located in Sanciangko St.). I have had great co-interns, the guidance staff were very accommodating, and my supervisor was just so nice! I was assigned to be an intern under the College of Business Administration and Accountancy, so most of the students I handled where under that academic program. Working in the Guidance Center was just life-changing. Not only did the experience itself contribute to things that I could write in my resume, but most importantly, the experience brought about change in me. In terms of a social context, I learned to be more accepting of others, became more considerate, TRIED to be more approachable, amongst other things. Within myself, I learned to somehow overcome my fears (e.g., speaking in front), be more assertive, be more appreciative of my situation, and just be more accepting of myself. I think the latter is the heaviest for me. The realization that I was the most critical of myself didn't really bring me to anything. I learned that that's the essence of life-- learning from experiences. The whole internship was truly unforgettable. Hehe to the point that I'm kind of considering a career in counseling!

College Life Adjustment and Study Habits Improvement Seminar:
One of the seminars we planned and carried out :) This was in UC Main's
Kalubihan AVR
College Life Adjustment and Study Habits Improvement Seminar (Day 3):
In UC's customs AVR

Your bestfriend when you are administering a test

File envelopes you had to "recycle" and sort out

Me finding visual aids for the group guidance session...
and reading the magazine at the same time (OOPS!)
Working in their computer, typing the names of freshmen
A highlight of my school year was that I attended my first and last acquaintance party ever!!! It was so much fun! Too bad only most of my blockmates attended... it would have been so much fun if everybody in my batch did. But then again, I wasn't present in the other parties so I HAVE NO RIGHT to complain about their absence. HAHAHAHA! Anyway it was held in Cebu White Sands Resort & Spa in Lapu-lapu. The theme was Aztec/Tribal... hence the name "Hakuna Matata"! It was a day full of fun and games and pictures. Everybody in our batch almost had their solo and group pics with my camera so it was very unfortunate when my SD card got corrupted and destroyed. No photos were rescued, much to the dismay of myself and my classmates. Hay, move on!
Our Acquaintance Party ticket

A group pic with some of my blockmates

A batch pic (incomplete though)
Another major life event that I could say is a big deal in my life right now is THESIS. They say it's the epitome of everything you've ever learned in college... hahaha I guess it's true. What we're trying to study is self-regulation and the different forms of social exclusion and their interaction in determining an individual's responses after being socially excluded. The first sem has gone smoothly, even in our defense panel... but we're currently having a hard time in some aspects of our experiment when we tried to run it. So, we're still trying to adjust some parts and removing others. Basically, we're not in THAT stage yet. You know what I mean. I'm just hoping and praying that we can go through with this with flying colors.
Our rare thesis meeting in CBTL Ayala 

Sleepover at Angel's room with a panoramic view
August has brought about intense stress on my left wrist (thanks to thesis and unproper positioning of my hands while typing) and caused it to be all bandaged and splintered up. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, you guys. I had to have it bandaged for more than 2 weeks so it can rest. Honestly, I removed it sometimes because I was too tired of people asking me "Naunsa diay na?", "What happened to you?". If only they could all just ask in bulk and I'd answer them once. Glad this phase is over, although sometimes I still feel a weird tingle in this wrist...
Madrama photo of my injured wrist while driving (IT HURT)
For the past months as well, I have been fortunate enough to have been given a lot of opportunities to bond with JM's siblings and family. Hehe essentials of life! It's so nice to be able to interact with people that I (may) be interacting with for the rest of my life. Buti nalang I get an invite to their birthday celebrations, as well as random bondings such as our mini badminton tournament. :)
At BBT for Pat's bday

At Krispy Kreme during Pen's bday
A lot has definitely happened in the span of five months which I have not included here. All of them, no matter how insignificant they may seem have changed my life in so much ways that sometimes are too hard to notice at that time. Looking back, I've come to consider that I have already grown to be better than I was yesterday. :-)

For the next few months, I'm thinking about doing a "lifestyle" blog about house hacks or other things that will supposedly prepare me for what lies ahead in the future (a.k.a being a housewife).

P.S. I'm not getting married yet. Hehe

To start it off, here's an artificial plant that I bought to hopefully add a dash of green in our teeny tiny apartment. Everybody needs aesthetics! 
Fake and pretty... LIKE YOU
(*ba dum tss*)

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