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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Eat Out: Sprockets and Cafe Maru

Good morning to anyone whoever stumbles on this blog post! It's now 12:04 in the morning, and I'm forcing myself to type with my left hand. The consequences await me when I wake up, for sure! Anyway, I have been enjoying my semestral break so far, considering this is my last one in college. It's been a mixture of chilling at home, cleaning (here and there), and bonding with people that I usually don't get to hang out with during schooldays! Last week, Ken came to visit Cebu for a short detour before heading home to Davao. We went window shopping first, then headed home to leave her things, then went ahead to Sprockets (TC branch) to have some sort of snacks and dessert.

P.S. We had an early dinner at 3 pm teehee!

It was Ken's first time here, *gasp* as well as myself! So it was a new experience for both of us. We just wanted to hang out somewhere nice for added environment factors to our conversations :> It was such a chill place to stay because they had bean bags where you can just throw yourself into and no one would even bother! Here's a look at their place:
Photo thanks to Ken's ipad hehe
 Really nice noh? We proceeded to order their Margherita pizza and their molten choco lava cake. Both were priced at a very reasonable rate. Their taste didn't fail to impress, though! It was well worth what we paid for. By the way, their menus are written behind the fake cameras we were holding. It was such a creative thing for them to do!

The night continued with both of us having a deep convo... what besties do best. Hihi! Truly one of the conversations I'll always remember with Ken. The things we were talking about and how we talked about them were so much different compared to how we did years back. We're definitely growing up... and maturing *cough* They're two different things, you know. :) 

On another day...

Approximately 2 hours ago, Nic2, Esther, Kyle, and I went to Cafe Maru which is another cute cafe near our school. It was perfect timing cause only a few people occupied the place so pwede kami magpakawalang hiya sa pagpicture2 and selfie! We went here cause Esther wanted to sleepover at our place before school officially starts. Too bad that Kyle contracted a fever just yesterday and he was so sick that he can't even sit up that much. He had to lie down inside the cafe for most (if not all) the time we were there.
Here's a pic of four of us... technically. Kyle's hair can be seen though.

Love this photo of Esther & I
 Cafe Maru is known for its strict policy of "One Person = One Order". No standbys allowed! It's understandable because they have very limited space... with a very cozy ambiance, so it's very prone to people staying there all day doing and ordering nothing! We ordered Ice Cream Waffle and Chocolate Fondue which were both for two persons an order.
Maru's icecream waffle
 Their serving size was more than enough for two! And they tasted wonderful too!
 Since the serving size was more than what we expected it to be, we ended up not able to finish everything up. Kyle also had to go home cause his headache was already becoming unbearable. I had to drive him home! On another note, our sickness started once we ate to our hearts' content. Sakit sa baboy. I felt sleepy after devouring what I did during dinner and during dessert. No wonder I keep gaining weight! (Not complaining)

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