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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Eat Out: Miko's Brew in Tagum City

My bestfriend and I were on a mission yesterday to travel 2 hours away from Davao City to process a needed document. We headed 55 kilometers up north, to Tagum City! (Yes, malayo pinuntahan namin just to avoid long lines in Davao). We rode a non-aircon bus from Ecoland Terminal and that cost 70.00 php. However, the trip was kinda long because it kept on stopping for passengers every now and then. The last time I was in Tagum was still in 4th year high school, and it's pretty cool to kind of explore the place without the confines of a school bus! As a sidetrip from our "adult processing duties", we planned to go out and have desserts in Miko's Brew. One of our close friends suggested that we go and visit-- and visit we did!
Royal Palm Trees along Daang Maharlika
To get there (and anywhere in Tagum), you can ride their color-coded tricycles for a minimum fare of 9.00 php. Drivers actually ask you where you're headed to before you ride so make sure the driver clearly heard what you said because we experienced being brought to a different place because the driver didn't hear it right! I guess most tricycle drivers are familiar with Miko's Brew so it's fairly easy to get there.
We arrived in Miko's Brew around 2:30 pm and the place was fairly crowded with people eating desserts, having a late lunch, or drinking the cafe's brewed concoctions.
other sweet treats that you can buy as pasalubong or gifts

Since our friend suggested that we try their Rainbow Cake, Ken ordered that to try it for herself. I personally LOOOOOOVE the nutella + banana combo so the Banana Nutella cake won me over amongst all the different delicious looking cakes! Ken and I were both really excited to try their food, and dahil diyan, medyo high expectations!
Meanwhile, picture time while waiting!


Rainbow Cake is priced at 95.00 php per slice. As you can see, the colors in the cake are very vivid!
The Banana Nutella cake I had. It is also 95.00 php per slice. 

I'm not a great foodie but based on my first impressions on the cake, I was not too impressed regarding the taste. For the Banana Nutella cake I had, first of all, I couldn't really taste out the Nutella and the banana! To me, the icing was somehow Mocha-ish than Nutella. Next, the icing was too thick and too sweet for my taste! I had a feeling na magka-sore throat ako while I was eating it. The Rainbow Cake on the other hand, had a slight aftertaste of ube (purple yam).

These two cakes are definitely too few an order to conclude that Miko's Brew is a place I would rule out. (We actually had a hard time over the internet looking for their must-haves!) Pero sabi ni kuya, one of their best sellers is the Brownie Pecan Cheesecake. Maybe I could try it if I find myself back in Tagum City again. They also serve milk teas, coffee drinks, all-day meals, smoothies, and more! If you're in Tagum, try Miko's Brew. Maybe you'd find something that gets your palate! :)

Goodbye Miko's Brew! And hello to my awkward pose!
P.S. We rode a Bachelor Express Aircon bus from Tagum to NCCC Mall Davao and the fare was 115 php. A bit pricey compared to the non-aircon option, but it sure saved us time and sweat! :)

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