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Saturday, May 17, 2014

DIY | 3D Paper Diamonds

"Big girls need diamonds." That's a quote from world-renowned actress, Elizabeth Taylor. You can see it everywhere. Kim Kardashian's enormous $8.8 million diamond ring, not to mention Elizabeth Taylor herself, who loved all things sparkly! She even wrote a book entitled "My Love Affair With Jewelry". I mean, who wouldn't want to have a diamond? It's a girl's bestfriend!

For the meantime that I don't own something diamond that is actually made out of CARBON and taken out of the ground, my sister and I did some DIY 3D diamonds out of a few sheets of construction paper. A girl can dream, right? Hehe! This little arts and crafts by the way is part of my 2014 resolutions (here) and it's in #3 on my list! :-)
Photo from
I have always been dreaming to be an origami guru... but I have never yet mastered the art of paper folding! (I guess sometimes I lack the patience *sigh*) So we went for a ready made diamond template that we found on Pinterest (here) and tried it for ourselves! The full instructions are on and you can print a dotted-lined template or a dotted-line-free one! We used the dotted-line-free template since it had bold lines that we could use as guides in folding.

Kyla trying it out on bond paper

Sorry to disappoint you, but that's Kyla's diamonds. And this, my friends is my SAD attempt at making a paper diamond:
 I had a hard time when I was already gluing the flaps together. -_- I can't even get the hang of sticking the last flap!
*Pats self in the back* Anyhow, I'll be practicing my diamond-making skills more later this afternoon. I can't find the other templates that were already printed out! Sigh

Suggestion: It's much better if you print it out on really thick construction paper to make it more sturdy and easier to fold. The ones we used were really thin so it was quite a challenge to make the folds hold and really stay firm. It's also very useful to use a ruler while folding to make the folds super straight. :)

I can't wait to use this idea in small classic/diamond themed get-togethers! 

To other DIYs! xx

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