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Sunday, January 29, 2012


A picture of me before taking the exam (I forgot what subject it was. Basta)

Finally. Got some rest after a looooooong week of excessive brain wrinkling, so that's why I am now gonna blog about my week.

MONDAY turned about to be a holiday for the celebration of the Chinese New Year, and it was also USC's study day. DUH. It's the first time that I ever really really really studied on a study day... like I mean, literally the whole day! I didn't go out on that day which is pretty amazing! I feel proud of myself! #Selfmotivation Just trained the rats in the morning with Charles, and then I was back to studying. Sino man din ang hindi magstudy nun na day na Zoology Lec and Cognitive Psych (105) ang i-exam on that day. I think you can pretty much imagine how much gahot I did that day.

TUESDAY. Ughhh. Don't wanna even talk about it. Exam wasn't as hard as I thought but still hard nonetheless. Got lots of mistakes that I don't wanna talk about anymore. Magkita nalang ta ani sa midterm grades jud. 105 exam was okay... but I'm not quiet sure how it turned out. Emphasis on I'M NOT SURE.

WEDNESDAY was economics exam. Sir AlTab (some nickname my classmates made for our teacher) gave us a five-paged exam. It was fine until... we got to the items that he didn't even discuss. Sorcery, I tell you!!!! It was in the next chapter!!!

THURSDAY. Had no exams for the day, so I studied for Experimental Psych (106) exam, and a teeny tiny bit of ReEd (Religious Education), and Philo. Brain torture.

FRIDAY. 106 exam was bearable, Sir Gaylo didn't show up, and Philo Exam almost took 2 hours to finish. 2 hours for four questions! I'm quite confident about my answers. I have to be cause I need a comeback from my bad grade during the pre-midterms. :(

I'm quite scared about my grades this semester because I'M NOT SURE about my midterm grades. I'M NOT CONFIDENT about them. :(( Let go and let God nalang talaga ito.

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