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Friday, January 20, 2012

BBQ Friday

Went out with Ben, Rudj, Apple and Charles for barbecue today. Ben suggested that we'd go to Mathias... a BBQ place in AS Fortuna. Sabi ni Apple na masarap daw din doon.

Here's Ben doing his usual pose

Ben, Rudj and Apple... gutom na?
Cebu's famous puso
I don't have decent pictures of the food cause I kept the camera right after the food was served. Gutom na kasi! DMD!

Pork Belly 
Chorizo+Pork BBQ 

No pictures while we were eating. BOOOOOOOO

The faces after lunch. Busog na ay! 
And finally I made an appearance :)

Hahahahaha by the way, Ben has some sort of family relationship with Marj of 105.9 and he requested
"Science and Faith" by The Script. Tapos he added pa na i-greet kami, cause we were studying "daw".
First time ko na ma-greet sa radio! Walang basagan ng trip! Happy ako! 

 Charles and me!

And then Apple really wanted to take a picture of me driving... so I gave the car a sudden break. HAHAHA
(I can still imagine Apple's reaction)
 Rudj and Ben... LQ? jk!

Fun lunch trip with friends but 
photos end here. :(

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