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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Science and Faith

Before taking the Philo exam yesterday, I opened Daily Bread and looked for the devotion for January 26 since I didn't get to read it the day before.

The title of the devotional is "What Faith Is and Does". It talked about being more committed to God during times when doubts are raised in your mind because of the injustice and false beliefs that you constantly meet everyday. Faith assures us of God's reality and the glory that awaits us. This is what I exactly needed to feed my soul for the day, it really blessed me because lately I have been going through some sort of confusion about my faith. I had questions, and lots of them. True talaga na minsan science does lead us to question God. :( Glad I've gotten through that phase. I guess I've been swayed by the world, but the great thing is that God never changes. He's always faithful!

I'm praying to be more committed and steadfast to God this year. By God's grace, I know I will be.
338 days of 2012 to go! :)

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