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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Eat Out: Brunch Desserts Ice Cream Boutique

My bestfriend (Ken) and I decided to hang out a little bit more together since she'll be leaving for Dumaguete next week because her internship in Cebu is already coming to an end! It was already late in the evening so we both decided to stay somewhere near the place she's staying... so we went to St. Patrick's Square. I haven't been here before so it was an "uncharted" place for me! 

Good thing Brunch Desserts was still open at that time. We ordered Chocolate Crepe (95 php) to share with each other because everything was so impromptu, I didn't bring extra money that day! Also, we were full from dinner, so "sharing is loving" ang peg. Hehehe

The crepe was very simple. It was topped with dark chocolate syrup and chocolate icecream. There is not much to say how it compares to other crepes I've tasted in other dessert shops in Cebu, but I think it's very simple and there's nothing really special about it.

It's great that the place had a fun vibe in it since it was really cute and colorful... though I don't think it's such a nice place to study out and make projects since they charge 100 pesos or so (an hour) for plugging your laptops. 

Probably I'll be coming back here to try their Mango Tango ice cream sundae (it's their best seller). This place is definitely for those who want to stay in places that are not too crowded. Brunch Desserts is located behind St. Theresa's College, in St. Patrick's square. It's after St. Mark Hotel, if you're coming from Redemptorist. :-)
P.S. All photos are from Ken's phone! :>

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