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Friday, February 7, 2014

What I Should Be Doing in my Free Time

Ahhhh the things I need to do in a short span of time. I promise to do all these things when I get a little space from my crazy schedule:

1. Go to Colon. Since I drive the car all the time, literally, I never got the chance to visit busy thrift-friendly Colon. First reason? I do not have the freedom to indulge my allowance on extra gasoline for the car. Next, parking space is one of the hardest things to find downtown. If meron man, it's such a loooooooong walk from the places I want to go, plus parking fees pa. Third, walking in Colon under the heat of the sun is the most exhausting thing ever. Reasons, reasons. But really, I want to go and splurge a little bit for myself (I'm a thriftyyy) without hurting my wallet so much. So my game plan is, get my heart, mind, and body ready, ditch the car, ride the jeep, and just get over it! 

2. Jog a few rounds in Abellana. I've missed the days when Jon Mark and I had the time (and the energy *gasp*) to jog there once in a while. I think that's one of the places you can legitimately jog without getting bored and getting tired so easily since everybody around you is in the HYPE! Everywhere you turn, people are so into their fitness so ma-pressure ka rin kahit kunti. I've honestly succumbed to that subtle peer pressure so I got to run a little more than what my mind tells me to.

3. Delete useless phone contacts. I just have to do this pretty soon. I'm deleting: contacts that think I don't have the need to communicate with anymore, contact numbers that are outdated and no longer in use, multiple saved contacts (sayang ng sim and phone memory). I'm sticking to having a PARSIMONIOUS LIFE this year. 

4. Bring my butt to the bank and just deposit my savings. I own about five different alkansyas where I put my savings in. I intently wanted them to be easily opened cause I usually have emergency situations (like bayaran sa school tapos i-refund lang ni mama) where I need money right away. So since I have easy access to it, it's much more easier to get them and spend, spend, spend! Okay, so maybe I just have to let go of one alkansya and just bring its contents to the bank and keep the rest to my disposal. Hahaha! Now I think I have separation anxiety issues with my alkansya. Zzz

5. Update my resume. Over the past months I've had some pretty good resume-worthy experiences, so isulat na yan! Plus, I'm graduating in less than two months, which ultimately means... UNEMPLOYMENT. Haha! Kidding. But iwas lang to sa application cramming like what happened when I applied for industry internship.

6. Start working on GBYC preps. The biggest KAYA event is happening next month (already?!) so I really have to push myself to help with the preparations. Anyway, if you want more info on the 3rd Global Baptist Youth Congress, visit the Facebook page here.My friends from Davao (Minnie, Sarah, and Kezia) are coming so I think this year's Congress will be a blast and a whole different experience altogether!

I think that's just it for the mean time. 

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