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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Unearthed Secrets

I was browsing through my Blogger Dashboard yesterday when I came across this drop-down menu under posts. I noticed that I had 82 imported posts (in the picture it's already 72 since I published some posts already) and I wondered why that could be. I thought that all of my previous blog posts from Multiply where already imported in my blog so it was really a surprise when I found out there were more!

If you're wondering why I have so many imported posts, let me tell you a story. Way back in high school, nung hindi pa uso ang Facebook, us DCHS students thrived in Multiply. It was a social media service that boasts of unlimited photo storage (my friends and I had thousands of pictures back then), blogging options, and a lot of different things you can share such as music and videos! It was a great site! 

I have always remembered myself blogging about my day, or blogging about my friends, or posting "surveys" which were very prominent in those years. Since Multiply sadly closed in 2013, I had to import everything inside my account somewhere else so I brought it here! Buti nalang may options ang Multiply to do that. It's always fun to read how I viewed things when I was just  a young teen! Matanda na talaga ako.

*Drumroll please* So I'm sharing it with you guys since sooner or later someone can really them if they ever stalk my blog deep enough! Hahahaha! I just have a word of caution -- beware of my high school angst , puppy love posts, and corny words! Ganun siguro talaga ako nung high school. Cringex10000000000000000000000!!! 

To make things easier, here is the link to the great abyss-
Timeline: 2008 - early 2010
(Note: I haven't imported everything yet so not everything I wrote is in that link already. Hopefully I'll finish soon!)
When I graduated and transferred to Cebu for college, those were the days I was crazily "depressed" and on the process of "moving on". Ekkkk! Hahaha! By this time, I blogged in Tumblr, pero my blog was heavily kept secret because I always had that password box to show up before they can enter my site! So the only people I gave the password to can read my posts. I don't think any one of them remembered my url now. It's no use to keep it secret till right now cause that was way way way back! I'm having second thoughts about it, though! Baka MAJOR JUDGMENT OVERLOAD! Hahahaha! But yeah, I'll share it nalang so we can all laugh about it together.

Timeline: Summer - October 2010

Most of my blogs are kept secret at the beginning cause they usually start as letters to myself when I feel that things happening to me are confusing even to my own mind! Even this blog (where you are in right now) started with just me when I was in 2nd year college (I think), then three people, then slowly when my self-esteem got a little bit higher, I shared it with other people. It's always nice to have something that's sort of "intangible" where you can see yourself in the eyes of the person you were years back. As I always tell myself, everything that I went through in the past made me to who I am right now. The journey was amazing and I learned a lot on the way, living a life with no regrets

P.S. Bawal ang mga judgmental! xx

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