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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Creative 2014: Creative Problem Solving

For the longest time, I have been a member of -- a database wherein you can take free courses on topics you're interested in. It's like being in class. You will have lectures, homework, and readings, but all on a different platform, which is on the Internet. From the time I registered on the website, I was never enrolled on time in courses which I liked so I really haven't tried it.

Coincidentally last week, I checked the website and a course on "Creative Problem Solving" was about to start... so I enrolled in it! Why? It's in line with my life goals for this year, which is to be more creative! Thus, Creative 2014. You may see this in my tweets sometimes (#Creative2014) well that means I'm actually doing something to get my creative juices flowing! My professors are art and design teachers from the University of Minnesota and this course will take 7 weeks. I'm exhilarated and nervous at the same time! Exhilarated because this will be a new experience for me, nervous because doing new things scares the hell out of me (hashtag "routine" girl)

It's always great to be learning new things plus with the globalized web space we have right now, information sharing is so much easier and free! I hope you guys would also have that drive for learning! Here's to a more creative 2014! :)

I will have a "Do Something Different" assignment every week which I will be posting here as well! Right now, I'm still going through the lecture videos my professors put up. :-) 

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