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Monday, July 14, 2014

Life's Candid Moments

Time flies so fast! These photos were taken almost a year ago, and I've only gone through them again yesterday while I was cleaning out my files. Since some of them are "throwback" material already, I decided to post-process them in black and white to give them a sort of vintage feel. :) I really love these photos because they're candid (Most of the time I was too awkward so buti nalang the stolen shots turned out better than the ones were we posed!) Mak and I don't have a lot of photos together so it's really something special to have things like this to treasure. Having a small photo session can be such a great idea for a cheap but worth it date. In our case, Mak asked his sister and her friends to come and be our photographers. They did well! Hahaha!

Photos by Gwyneth Santamaria (Mak's little sister) and her friends

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