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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Right Balance

It has just been days after another major life transition for me. Being back home right now is another different experience. About a month ago I was here for leisure and fun, but this time around, it's all for different reasons. 

First of all, I'm currently studying for Psychometrician Board Exams this October and it's a lie if I tell you that I'm not scared. Believe me, I am terrified. It's actually the first EVER board exam so it gives me so much anxiety considering other people have not tried taking the same exam before. The great thing about it is, I am hopeful. This is just one of the opportunities that I can claim God's working in my life. Humanly speaking, we fail to believe God's power in the things we do. Board Exam? For God, it's easy peasy. It's nothing compared to all His wondrous Creation. He made the whole world, how much more pass an exam? It's easy to say things like this and too hard to actually apply it in my life. But just as Paul claimed, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." 

Parang ganito ang peg hahaha!
Second, I'm here to watch over my little sister and my cousin as my parents are away for a few weeks for work. Mama-duties daw! I take them to school everyday, I feed them, wash and iron uniforms, clean the house... you get the picture. It's unexpectedly enjoyable and fulfilling plus we're doing reflection activities and devotionals every night because it's very important for all of us in the house to grow in grace and faith! It's also very crucial to teenagers because they're subject to a lot of different temptations, influences, and hormones so what better way to ward these off than with the Word of God. :) It's my little ministry here in Davao so I'm praying that God will use me in the best that I can. 

This is what I've been juggling the past week, and I'm truly praying for the right balance in everything! 


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  1. Hi faye! Your blog is great and sooooo pretty..
    Good luck to our review!!

    Miss Layne

    1. Thanks, Miss Layne! Kaya natin to! :)