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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


The package I was waiting for a couple of months has finally arrived!!! Can't really believe that I'd feel a lot of different emotions just by receiving something... but yeah, I can finally say that it's official. The waiting and wandering is slowly coming to an end.

I still feel a sort of "hangover" from being in the hospital for about a week due to my second bout with dengue. (Hay nako.) I lost a solid week worth of reviewing that was supposed to be finished in that period of time, but di keri. My mind says, "Yes!!!!" but my body says "No!!!". Anyway, there's a lot of catching up to do, considering the board exam is less than a 100 days away. I'm really really happy that this package arrived so I can have the push I need in my life. Hahahaha. I'll be back in Cebu in a couple of days and I'm ecstatic and a little bit anxious over the fact that I would have lots of responsibilities to juggle again with my commitments to the Lord and with my studies... now I'm ready to face them head on. Still praying though for that added wisdom, strength, and grace to carry on!


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