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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Eat Out: Sagingrepablik

What is your favorite fruit? Apples? Mangoes? Durian? Watermelon? If you ask me, my favorite fruit is banana! It's the best -- you can eat it with icecream, in a shake, on top of a sandwich with Nutella, have it cooked and served as minatamis/pinatamis (cooked banana with caramelized sugar), eat it as banana cue, or even just bring it as a snack on its own. It's really awesome!

So... it was really exciting to hear about a new concept restaurant here in Davao which boasts of everything banana from its rice meals to its bread and other desserts which they call "Sagingese Cuisine". The name of the restaurant? Sagingrepablik. My girlfriends and I decided to eat here because it was new to all of us and we wanted to try the hype!
It's exterior and interiors are very industrial and modern.

Really cool lighting
Their servers, whom they call "Sagingeros" or "Sagingeras" wear bowler hats! :)
Sagingrepablik's Best Seller: GIGINGKA

They have such pretty straws for their drinks

Beef Tenderloin Salpicao (225 Php)
I had Pork Sabagnet (185 Php). Notice how they assimilate bananas into their meal names.

Pork Sabadobo (175 Php)

Gigingka -- It is served hot but you have to eat it right away because it gets hard in a matter of minutes. Kailangan mong mag-effort talaga... we ate it with help from each other because you can't slice it easily. :(
Create your own banana cue is priced at 55 Php, where you can choose your dip (Speculoos, Peanut Butter, Nutella) and three toppings (candy sprinkles, rice crispies, chocolate chips, chopped nuts, chopped chocolates, etc.)
As for the food, I can say the meals taste good but I think it's a bit pricey if you compare it to what it actually tastes. The bananas were not soft and chewy as I expected it to be and it was really dry. I guess they have to improve on it since their food revolves around this fruit. :) 
Imba Girls sans Clarisse and Ken
Photo from Jemma Go

Photo from Jemma Go

Their centerpiece when you enter the door. It's intriguing why the Roman Numerals say 2013 when in fact, they opened just last month. Maybe 2013 was the year they conceptualized the place? Or when they first started the building? Just guessing.

Here's what you see on the wall before you leave..
If you want to visit Sagingrepablik, it's located at Tiongko Avenue, corner V. Mapa St. (the old Sunburst building in Davao), facing Kangaroo Coffee Company and OMF Literature. Go bananas, guys!


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