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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


YAY! Summer's here. one of the only two seasons in our REALITY is SUMMER. 2nd doodle namin 'to. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. I'm all out of words. Siya na mg-explain kung bakit yan ganyan. Galing sa kanya ang mga meaning :))

The season represents the summer, which is metaphorically the time when my feelings for you intensified.

The clouds represent the ever clear days(even when its cloudy and dark) when I am under the influence of your gaze. :)

The flowers, that bloom to show off its beauty represent our friendship that "bloomed" within a short span of time (4 months an
d counting).

The beautiful brown dress represents the outfit she wore on the day I went to her church, mostly because I just really wanted to see her again.

Grass plainly represents the grass that is green. :)) -hol
waha. totoo bitaw. Pero it also represents the fresh conversations we always have when me meet :D none of them are withered. :) -faye

The Coat represents what I wore to her church. (I actually wore the coat to look formal) but then I still ended up looking semi-formal because of the chucks and shirt.
Oh, and I wore that to try and impress you. The Coat represents what I'll be remembered by. "The guy with the coat na pogi masyado" - faye.

The sun represents the great atmoshpere that never seems to end when she is around.
P.S the reason why the sun is wearing shades is because it can't stand the overwhelming beauty of the girl in the dress :p

The hand is reaching out to the girls hand is because, deep down, he wanted to hold her hand, but didn't because bawal sa church, dami makakita. :)) (kafunny nito uy. igaaaaaaaaat)

The season is just a metaphor, that represents my feelings for you that is growing.

Ito yung second drawing.
There doesn't need to be light for us to enjoy each others presence, even amidst the break of dawn, we find it in our hearts to be together.

AKO NA ULIT from here pababa.

Amen. I agree. 
Okaaaaaaaay. :)
yan lang masabi ko.
I'm not good at words, so I might as well shut up :D

OUR DOODLE FOR SPRING kay coming soon pa.
Pag di na busy.