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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Eye for an eye

To end 2013, I actually got myself a new pair of eyes! My eye grades for both eyes are different from each other but the grade is not very high so it's not that serious. Anyway, an added bonus is that it gives me a new look for 2014! Nerdy, smart girl look? Pwede! Very non-evasive way to look different since I think I'm not cutting my hair till graduation (maybe). :-)

Other than having a literal new pair of EYES(glasses), most importantly, I pray that God will give me renewed spiritual eyes that will see the world in a way that will glorify God. I pray that I can always see the good in people... because somehow, somewhere, there's always something great in them that maybe no one ever took the time to notice. I also pray that I can see the need of those people around me, especially those who need the Savior. How blessed would that be! Here's to seeing in 2014!

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