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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What do you know?

Hi! I just got home from one of the most fun nights in my college life!

USC Psychology Society in partnership with JPMAP had their Trivia Night awhile ago. It was indeed a time of fun and energy! I think I might have lost my voice from shouting and cheering for our group, La Shunga. My groupmates were Ana, Marlon, Bing, Jaika and Jessa. 'Twas a fun experience because we really did not feel any competition -- the night was just meant for pure fun. Maraming times na parang di na ako makahinga sa sobrang tawa!

This was the view from our side of the room. (or... just in my perspective.)

Left view....
 Right view...
 Front view...

Let the games begin.

So the first category was "Name That Pokemon".. of course you can say that I have no "CHILDHOOD" because I do not know the names of these fictional species! Throwback to the 90's (and maybe 2000's *gasp*) when all these creatures roamed around our TVs. 

This picture of a fire-horse was flashed on screen. Do you know what that is? Marlon was so ecstatic to answer so Bing wrote it agad-agad! Serious masyado kami nag-answer nito. Hahahahahahahaha
Tentenenentenen... our answer was:

NO PUN INTENDED, GUYS. We really meant that in a non-malicious way. Nonetheless, it was enough for us and everyone else to burst into boisterous laughter. I think the real answer was Rapidash... I'm not sure! Labo ng answer namin. Hahahahahahahhaha
How about this? Alam mo ba kung anong klaseng Pokemon to? Di rin namin alam. So we answered...

Hahahahahaha! The right answer was "Slowpoke". Good try man parin, diba?

When we were asked to asked to answer the capital of certain countries, this happened. 

Capital of KENYA:
Eto pa... Guess the movie/series title of this scene:
Witweew Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas! We did not know the name of this movie so we answered:

Well duh... basing from the picture hahahahaha
Selfie-selfie pag may time with my teammate, Ching!
By the latter part of the night, team MMBSIG joined forces with us! By this time we were more noisy and energetic! Buti nalang the category Victoria's Secret Angels came up kasi master si Reeman and Rucci! What was asked by the game masters were only their first names OR last names, pero walang tatalo sa dalawang yun -- whole name talaga! 
Evidence of VOLT-IN:
Commotion, commotion, commotion everywhere...

 Although we did not win, we had the best-est time ever! It was an ultimate bonding experience with my blockmates (which I rarely had in my previous college years). I'm so grateful of simple opportunities like these with such great impact! It was totally worth the time, effort, and neuron work! Haha! Looking forward to another night of trivia!
Here's the best MERGED team ever: Team La Shunga and Team MMBSIG

Thanks, Psyc Soc and JPMAP! Sorry for the low-quality photos, I just used my 2mp phone camera! Medyo outdated na, but at least we have a photo to remember!

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