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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Twists and Game Changers


Seriously. I feel so affected by what has been brewing up in the Hamptons! If you haven't watched the mid-season finale of Season 3, YOU SHOULD!!!! I literally want to throw my laptop after the episode. I can't believe Daniel fired the gun against Emily on their wedding night. Like wth... I thought it was someone meaner and wanted to get back at Emily so bad A.K.A Victoria Grayson! Huhu by the recent turn of events, Daniel had the guts to shoot her because he overheard Emily and Victoria's argument about Emily targeting the whole family the whole time (blah blah blah) tapos he was very slap-drunk pa talaga kasi Sarah (his ex-girlfriend)'s roommate called and told him that Sarah tried to kill herself because DUH THEY ARE STILL SO INLOVE WITH EACH OTHER and DANIEL ONLY MARRIED EMILY BECAUSE SHE WAS CARRYING HER BABY (which is a lie) AND BECAUSE HE KNEW WHAT IT FELT LIKE TO BE IN A BROKEN FAMILY. *sob* Of course Emily didn't really marry Daniel for love. She just married him for all the reasons why she came back to the Hamptons in the first place, AVENGE HER FATHER'S DEATH BY DESTROYING THE MASTERMINDS: THE GRAYSONS. Grabe. Gigil na gigil!

I can't believe it. I really can't. Although... Daniel's character has been much more in the dark side this season so this whole time the series crew arranged everything to lead up to this moment! I wanna slap him in the face. I have always loved the Emily x Daniel tandem and in the first season, I would have had tears of joy if ever they got married... but it has worn off the last 2 seasons because as time passed, Daniel's character has grown into someone not that lovable. And because Emily doesn't really truly love him. Yep. More on the latter reason though. Hehe but it's really cute that they are a real couple off-screen and they just can't get enough of each other when the cameras aren't rolling. Too bad that in the show it's not the case.
Daniel x Emily
(I think this is a really beautiful of them.. don't you think too?)
So... for the last 2 seasons (Season 2 and 3) I have been rooting for Emily x Aiden's relationship to last. They have known each other ever since Emily trained with Satoshi Takeda for her mission. Aiden knows the real Emily - the true Amanda Clarke. He has always been there for her throughout her quest for revenge, even though it means watching Emily play the part of being in a relationship and getting married with Daniel. I can see his sincerity and love for Emily that he would literally take a bullet for her! He understands her pain and he knows why Emily does what she does. I think Emily feels the same way for him too as she wants to run away with him after her mission is over. She has always had trust and comfort when she's in Aiden's arms.
Emily x Aiden

Season 3 AIMILY quotes:
A: “You’re not alone in this. And you never will be.”

E: "You fought for me when no one else would."

A: "Tell me this one thing. When this is all over, when… when they’ve paid for what they did to your father, then what?"
E: "I can be with you."

By the way, she's engaged with him ALSO (but this time it's real)... I just hope that as the storyline progresses, Emily's feelings for him will stay truly genuine.You can actually see the love when they look at each other's eyes. My feelings

Aiden: When you and I first met, we had both lost so much. Faced immense pain.
Under that pain came something beautiful.
Love that will always triumph over darkness.
Love that I would lay down my life for.
Amanda Clarke, will you marry me?
Aiden: Will you marry me?
Emily: Yes.
This series has been manipulating my feelings!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE, WHICH I THINK WILL BE IN 452498538573530876530953 YEARS!!!!!!!! Heard it's going to air in March. Ambot, I don't even want to think about it cause it's definitely heartbreaking. Anyway, so far the storyline has been so great and remains unpredictable. 

If you've read this post and cannot relate, please watch the show as soon as possible! 
Promise, it's worth it!

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