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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Surprises in Cafe Caw

Hello, I've been really busy lately with internship, thesis, and school. It was such a breath of fresh air when Ken and I planned a date in another cute coffee shop called Cafe Caw! Actually this is the second branch located in Lahug... the first one was also cute, but was more quaint compared to this new one. 

Here's pics of one time my Mak and I hung out in the Cafe Caw Talamban branch:

Similar with the first branch, Cafe Caw Lahug had the same pastel, cute, Asian coffee shop theme. However, the new one boasts a bigger space and a wider menu range. Ken and I ordered something called 'waffle surprise' basically because it sounded delicious and because usually waffle servings can easily cater two. 

After ordering, we went upstairs. The staircase was an adventure in itself. It's a beautiful reminder of what life is truly about -- making the most out of every moment that pass through our life. Ken and I took a few (weh?) selfies. This time I brought our DSLR along with me so we tried taking selfies with it. Two words: EPIC FAIL. We noticed that as we matured more age-wise, we were more awkward in camera photos. Thank God Ken brought her iPad with her. We looked so much better with it! I don't know if it's the generation thing that's making us more comfortable with portable gadget narcissism than with legitimate cameras! If this is the case, then maybe real cameras would also disappear in the future. I hope not!

A waiter went up the second floor and we asked him if he could take our picture. Look at it:
 My pose was so stiff and formal, I wish my body would act more laid-back and chill like Ken's! At least this is a decent photo of the two of us. Sige nalang please, pagbigyan niyo na. Hehe! If you look closely, you can notice that my left wrist is wrapped up again with a bandage. That's because of the "usual". Haaay. I hope I can get it checked really soon. After our photo sessions (chos) we talked and talked about things going on in our separate lives, relationships, and about people who really want to be part of our lives (also those who force themselves in it!). Reminiscing, of course, would never be out of the picture when Ken and I together. There's nothing like remembering the past through the lens of the present. :-)

The dessert we ordered came a couple of minutes later. The "Waffle Surprise" truly did not disappoint.
Cafe Caw's waffle surprise
After the excursion

It's really rare nowadays that bestfriends, even those who are merely friends, have times to pause and have a date. Oftentimes we are so preoccupied with the material things life has to offer -- work, school, and other activities that we fail to relish in the moment that we have with someone that fully understands our heart and being. I'm so thankful for another opportunity to bond with Ken, and I'm really looking forward to another coffee shop date with my bestfriend.
Pic with the Christmas tree hahahahaha feeling highschool

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